New York Hiker Falls 150-Feet Off Waterfall Into a Gorge

by Joe Rutland

A New York woman hiker who was hiking fell down a waterfall and plunged 150 feet into a gorge located in central New York. This is according to state police officials and The Slate. We also learned that a number of rescue teams were called upon to help out. They would go through the woods near a creek.

This hiker is 32 years old and the incident reportedly took place in Cherry Valley at approximately 5 p.m. This is according to a news release from Monday. The woman, who comes from Troy, New York, suffered injuries because of the fall. EMS reportedly provided first aid treatment when they reached the woman.

Hiker From New York Taken To Hospital

Photos that have been shared by state police show rescuers hard at work. They are shown to be hoisting the woman up the gorge’s slope on a stretcher. The people were able to pull her “to safety,” according to the release. She was reportedly airlifted to a hospital in Albany, New York. Then, she would be released after a period of time from the location.

Cherry Valley, in case you did not know, is located around 60 miles west of Albany. Police officials were not specific about which waterfall she had fallen from at the time. Yet, there reportedly is a 200-foot waterfall located in Cherry Valley that is called Judds Falls. It is possible that officials will offer some clarity around this matter at a future time. Still, it appears that the woman will recover from her injuries.

New Project In Texas Is Being Talked About Right Now

Meanwhile, if you are a hiker and happen to be living in Texas, this news might interest you. The “Great Springs Project” is being talked about right now. This would link Austin and San Antonio together for a 100-mile hiking trail. Reportedly, the GSP, as it also is called, would connect some of the most well-known springs areas in Texas together. Central Texas is a place burgeoning not only with growth but with great natural beauty, too.

As for this project, though, it would connect Barton Springs, San Marcos Springs, Comal Springs, and San Antonio Springs. This is also being termed as the “green corridor” as part of the discussion. This trail would give those Texans a new way to get themselves outdoors. And if you are a hiker, then having this trail available for use would be wonderful. Imagine getting the opportunity to get out and enjoy the beauty of the Lone Star State. Families and individuals looking to add some hiking fun to their lives are closely watching this project. Texans love getting out into the outdoors.