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New York Hiker Rescued After Spending the Night in Waist-Deep Snow

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Katrin Requadt/picture alliance via Getty Images)

First responders came to the rescue of a 19-year-old hiker last month when he became lost on the second-tallest mountain in New York. The man managed to survive the night in waist-deep snow.

According to NYup.com, the Schenectady hiker got lost on November 27th in the High Peaks Wilderness Area. The news outlet reports the man required rescue after he had become separated from his hiking partner. His hiking partner then called for help from the Adirondack Loj trailhead in the early evening of the 27th. They told officials they had last communicated at 5 p.m.

Rangers later found the 19-year-old suffering from hypothermia approximately 12 hours later.

Around 1 a.m. the man called his father who then called 911. The call between the father and son helped first responders to pinpoint his location. Rangers reached him waist-deep in snow near the summit of Algonquin Peak at 4:22 a.m. Throughout the rescue effort, the hiker began to become lethargic, dozing off. A ranger helped to keep him awake—and prevent further injury—as they searched for him by talking to him on the phone.

Once found, the outlet states the hiker had become hypothermic, losing feeling in his lower legs and feet. Rangers provided him with food and drink and warmed him up before relocating to the trailhead. There, they were met by a Lake Placid Ambulance. The 19-year-old was then transported to Adirondack Medical Center at 6:35 a.m.

First Responders Rescue Florida Hiker with Help From Drone

Last month, first responders were called to an entirely different mission in Florida to rescue a second distressed hiker. Just like how first responders used the cellphone call between the lost son and his father in the incident above, rescue teams were again able to depend on technology to aid in their own search.

Polk County Fire Rescue put their aerial drone to the test on Friday, November 25th. They were called out after when receiving a report about a distressed hiker in the Tiger Creek Preserve. Apparently, the hiker began to panic as they became lost in the wilderness of the preserve. They were made even more anxious as the sun began to set.

Given the vastness of the Tiger Creek Preserve, which stretches across an expansive 5,000 acres, the fire and rescue team headed out with their aerial drone. Upon arriving at the location, first responders launched the drone. As the drone began to scan the wilderness of the preserve, the only information the hiker’s rescuers had to go on was that they were located on a rural walking trail.

The drone search proved to be a major success. First responders found the hiker without sending a single first crew member into the denseness of the preserve. Instead, the drone easily located the distressed hiker, enabling teams to head straight for him.

Fire Chief Dr. Hezedean Smith said of the technology-aided rescue, “Polk’s current drone program began in 2019 and currently conducts various missions for search and rescue, HAZMAT team deployment, major disaster scenes, and storm assesses. Our drone program is essential to the commitment of the department’s 21st Century all-hazards preparedness.”