New York Hunter Accused of Baiting Bears With Doughnuts, Claims They Were for Himself

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

In many U.S. states, baiting game animals is illegal. However, one New York hunter thought he could get out of potential baiting charges after he claimed donuts, which he shoved inside of trees and smeared along their bark, were for himself rather than any nearby bears.

Yes. You read that correctly.

According to Patch, environmental conservation officers (ECO) used intel from the Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) Bureau of Environmental Crime Investigations to identify an area of state land in Forestburg, NY that was potentially being baited for bears. In a statement, the DEC said, “After hiking many miles over several days, ECOs located two hunting locations on the ridge that appeared to be baited, as the earth near the hunting stands and blinds was freshly disturbed.”

After arriving at the baited plot of land, ECOs found donuts placed in knots in the trees as well. A short while later, the Hudson Valley Post states officers found a hunter bowhunting for bear over the sugary bait in one of the suspected tree stands.

In speaking with conservation officers, the hunter reportedly said all of the donuts, including the ones stuffed inside of a tree stump, were for him, adding that he dropped the donuts that authorities found in the trees. Upon further investigation, the ECOs also found a pack of donuts in the unnamed man’s backpack.

Aside from baiting charges, the hunter is facing a mound of legal consequences. First, he failed to display a backtag. In addition, he’s also seeing charges for injuring trees on state land, littering on state land, and failing to label stands and blinds with a name and address, in addition to several other charges.

Hungry Black Bears Feast on Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

If you’re hoping to bait a couple of black bears, legality aside, it’s probably not necessary to buy your local grocery store out of their entire supply of donuts. In fact, you probably don’t even need to buy a single one. New footage shared by The Weather Channel captures the humorous moment a trio of hungry black bears decided to feast on one man’s fall decor, namely his pumpkins, completely demolishing his front porch jack-o-lantern display.

For a couple of hungry bruins, the big black creatures actually appear to be sharing the pumpkins rather well. Each one grabs a jack-o-lantern and politely pulls it off to the side, giving one another space to eat their afternoon snack.

Unfortunately, though, the home’s owner puts a halt to the bears’ evening meal, yelling at them from behind the minimal safety of his front door. Reluctantly, they give up on their snacks, although one determined black bear picks up the bright orange meal and carries it away with him.