NHL Looking to Incorporate Alligators and ‘Meat Pucks’ Into Florida All-Star Weekend

by Tia Bailey

Florida is known for its heat, beaches, and of course, alligators. The NHL is looking to incorporate the gators into Florida’s All-Star Weekend.

Steve Mayer, the NHL’s chief content officer, shared that the event, held in Fort Lauderdale, will be very “Florida-centric.” He appeared on Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek’s podcast, 32 Thoughts.

“In Florida we’re taking over the beach,” Mayer said. “We’re literally taking over all the Fort Lauderdale Beach. We’re going to do concerts, we’re going to do fanfare, which is typically in a convention centre –we’re going to do it all on the sand.”

He also shared some of the ideas that they have for this year.

“We’ve got a couple of extremely unique ideas,” Mayer said. “One is a work in progress, that if we pull it off, I think our fans will talk about it for a long time. It involves something that is very Florida, something that is that area, but not beach necessarily. How is that for a clue? And it involves an animal.”

Of course, he confirmed that he did mean alligators. He stated that they are “trying to figure out how to incorporate alligators.” They all then went on to joke about also using a “meat puck.”

Alligator Roamed Around Texas Neighborhood

A huge alligator made an appearance in an unlikely place recently — a Texas neighborhood. The reptiles are not common in this area. So, you can imagine the shock for residents when they spotted him taking a stroll down the street.

Additionally, the alligator was 11 feet and 400 pounds. Emergency personnel were immediately called, as no one knew what to do in this situation.

Fort Bend County Precinct 1 Constable Chad Norvel said: ““This morning around 7.40 a.m., dispatch received calls that an alligator was walking along Peek Road about 50 or 60 yards south of Buffalo Bayou. He was caught by licensed trappers from Texas Parks and Wildlife and is being taken to a sanctuary in El Campo.”

A resident of the neighborhood, Michael Schwab, actually got a video of the situation, which he shared to social media.

“I saw a tweet saying a large alligator was walking near the side of the road in Cinco Ranch,” Schwab said. “I realized this was right down the road from me; jumped in my car and found several police cars and pedestrians watching the whole sight.”

Norvell again emphasized how strange this situation is for the area, and offered some advice — “They wander from their areas, looking for a mate. We always want to emphasize that alligators are native to the area. So people shouldn’t be alarmed when they see them. And usually, if you leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone.”