North Carolina Deer Put Down After Breaking Into, Trashing High School

by Taylor Cunningham
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Authorities were forced to euthanize a deer this week that injured itself while breaking into and trashing a North Carolina high school.

The Rocky Mount Police Department shared the Oct. 28 incident on Facebook and said that the animal crashed through a window before doing significant damage to an office.

“OHHH Deer. Look Who Visited RMHS Today!!” the department wrote alongside a picture of the scene that showed the animal laying among broken glass, damaged technology, shredded paper, and more. “This morning, we assisted North Carolina Wildlife in reference to an unexpected visitor at Rocky Mount High School. NC Wildlife successfully removed the deer from inside the school.” 

During a phone interview with McClatchy News, Daniel Terrill, and master officer with North Carolina’s Wildlife Resource Commission said that he responded to a call from local police. And when he arrived, officers had pinned the deer under a desk while they waited.

Fortunately, no one was injured while attempting to contain the animal. And school administrators are already working to repair the damage. But the deer suffered serious injuries during the incident and wildlife officials could not save it.

Firefighters Save Deer From an Alabama Storm Drain

Shortly before the N.C. incident, firefighters in Troy Alabama also responded to reports of a deer being trapped in an unusual place, a storm drain. Luckily, that situation had a happier ending.

The city’s fire department shared the story on Facebook on Oct. 27 and explained that it received a call from a passerby claiming that the animal was peeking out of the sewer and needed help.

“C Shift with a below-grade rescue a few nights ago!” the post reads. “This deer found himself in a tight place with no way out! You never know what the next call will bring.”

An attached video shows the rescuers using staps to pull the deer through a manhole. And to keep it calm, they tied a blanket over its face.

Once it was out of the hole, the firefighters laid the animal in a grassy area and carefully worked to untangle it from the straps before removing the blanket.

The deer puts up a fight as the workers attempt to uncover its eyes, which causes them to jump several times. But they manage to get the job done. And the animal takes off into the woods, seemingly uninjured.

The department had fun with its out-of-the-ordinary rescue. And because it incident was resolved quickly with no one getting hurt, they considered it a good night.

“The guys are always happy to help!” the post added. “Best job ever!!”