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North Carolina Honey Business Faces Staggering Losses After Bear Raids Beehives

by Brett Stayton
(Photo by: ronniechua/Getty Images)

There is a real-life Winnie The Pooh wreaking havoc on honey pots across the Raleigh, North Carolina area. A local business is facing staggering financial losses as a bear continues to raid their beehives. CBS News 17 has the story.

Troy Olson started his business Heaven Scent Honey about a decade ago. Bees are obviously the foundation of the honey operation, but a good number of his beehives have been destroyed by a bear. Over the course of the last few months, a bear has ruined 38 different beehives, killing the bees and ruining the honey. Heaven Scent Honey is facing a loss of about $10,000 stemming from the bear’s damages.

Bear Ruins Both Spring & Fall Honey Harvests

“The bear got all the beehives. Once all the frames got wet, it just molds them,” said Olson. These were some of our more healthier bigger beehives that were in fall crop fields. The bear just came in and ripped them apart, hauled them back in the woods, and dismantled everything.”

The honey farmer said that judging by the size of the paw prints left behind, it appears to be a younger, smaller bear that is responsible. It might be a little bear, but it’s done big damage.

“To replace the bees it is over $5,000,” said Olson. “And these were mature, big hives.” He explained that the bear also destroyed the wax frames that house the hives and hundreds of pounds of honey was lost. Not only were pretty much all of the fall honey crops ruined, but a bear also wrecked the spring honey harvest as well.

The unbearable escapades forced Heaven Scent Honey to slow down on selling honey in stores and markets. Olson said he even contemplated just shutting down in his honey operation. Customers had other ideas though.

We got numerous calls and the market managers called and said they wanted to try and do something to get us to continue producing honey because we didn’t realize there were so many people that relied on our honey,” he said.

With a little financial help from dedicated customers, he will be able to keep the company going. He’ll just need to figure out something to do about that damn bear.

Other Instances Of Bears Causing Trouble Over Honey

It’s no secret that bears love honey, and they’re willing to do almost anything just to get a taste of that sweet sappy nectar. Bears will even gladly withstand swarms of bee stings in order to get their paws on some honey. Though this bear in Connecticut was initially chased away from the hive before causing any significant damage, it returned. The video shows the bees swarming the bruin as it ransacks the hive. Then they start to sting, as the bear flinches and shakes. The bear gets a little taste of the honey but eventually abandons its pursuit as the bee stings become too much for the bear to bear.

A bear cub in Turkey got weird on honey a while back too. The little bear apparently ripped into an excessive amount of what’s called “mad honey.” The Turkish word for it is “Deli bal.” It’s a type of rhododendron honey that has hallucinogenic effects. In this absolutely wild video, the bear apparently eats enough mad honey to take a trip to the moon. It’s trippin’ bears y’all…