North Carolina Woman Shooting Mountain Dew Bottles in Her Backyard Cited by Police

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Nadya So via Getty Images)

Mountain Dew? More like Mountain Don’t. At least that’s how one North Carolina woman felt when she witnessed her father sipping bottle after bottle of his favorite drink. With a whopping 46g of high fructose corn syrup (a sugar substitute), teeth-rotting citric acid, and ingredients also found in shoe polish and paint, it’s not that shocking that she didn’t approve of her elderly father’s consumption of the sugary soda.

The way the 64-year-old woman went about ridding her home of the offending beverage, however, was incautious enough to earn her a criminal citation. Throwing the bottles away? Giving them to a friend? No, those options were far too pleasant an end for the fizzing fiends.

Instead, she took them to her backyard and arranged the four Diet Mountain Dew bottles in the grass, each still glittering with the sickening yellow soda within. She then went back inside, grabbed her revolver, and proceeded to blast the bottles to bits.

Unfortunately, her terrified neighbors were either unaware or unsympathetic to her cause, because they called the police with reports of gunshots in the Gastonia neighborhood.

Police Respond to Mountain Dew Shooting Incident

When police arrived at the house, they heard the woman out. Though understandable, her Mountain Dew-fueled fury, wasn’t quite enough of an excuse to discharge a firearm within Gastonia City limits. Police issued the woman a citation for the incident and urged both her and others to use better judgment in the future.

“We totally understand that not everybody is a fan of the Dew but we can’t stress enough how dangerous this is!” Gastonia Police explained in a Facebook post. “There are much safer alternatives to disposing of beverages that you don’t like instead of using the full bottles as target practice…in your backyard…in your neighborhood…surrounded by other homes and people.”

“Remember people, guns and Diet Mountain Dew don’t mix!” added the exasperated police.

The police kept the identity of the perpetrator confidential. However, the alleged woman herself appeared in the comments section of the police’s report to explain herself. Though she somewhat disagrees with the statement from the police, she seems to be taking the incident in stride.

“This will be funny as hell one day. I agree,” she wrote. “But whilst I appreciate the ‘points’ made, understand this as well. I had a moment to forget that I was not in my pasture in rural Alabama. But I didn’t forget how NOT to handle a weapon.”

“At no time in the less than a minute of the entire thing did my weapon EVER point any direction but the ground,” she continued. “No ‘target practice’ … There are consequences to actions, regardless of intent, and the cop did what he had to do, even though he knew that I am far from ‘dangerous’. Laugh on!”