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NWTF Launches 2023 Spring Turkey Hunting Guide

by Brett Stayton
2023 Spring Hunting Guide From NWTF
Photo courtesy of The National Wild Turkey Federation

Spring will be here soon, and with spring comes turkey hunting season. Flowers will be blooming, the breeze in the air will be a little warmer, and thunderous gobbles will be erupting from tree top roosts across the country here soon. Get that 12 gauge dialed in. It’s almost that time y’all.

If you’re counting down the days to turkey season and trying to cure a little cabin fever, then definitely consider attending the upcoming National Wild Turkey Federation Convention. The 46th annual NWTF convention that went down last year was a record breaker. More than 52,000 people attended the event in 2022. In 2023, more than 55,000 people are forecast to attend the 47th annual event. The convention includes exhibits and displays from the leading brands in the outdoor industry, educational seminars, and entertainment.

 Live music is a major part of the festivities too, with several awesome concerts lined up for the week. With the big convention right around the corner, NWTF also just published their comprehensive 2023 Spring Turkey Hunting Guide.

Check Out The National Wild Turkey Federation’s 2023 Spring Turkey Hunting Guide

NWTF is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Looking back at the population trends of turkeys across the country back in 1973 when the organization was formed, it’s incredible to see the tremendous impact NWTF has helped make since then. 50 years ago only approximately 1.3 million wild turkeys roamed America. Today more than 6 million of the birds are out there.

According to the in-depth report, more than 2 million turkey hunters are forecast to get out there and hit the woods this year to hunt gobblers in every state but Alaska. The brand new 2023 NWTF Spring Hunt Guide includes data, statitisics, and insights on turkey population and potential hunting conditions in all 49 of those states.

The full report can be found at NWTF’s website with links to respective state fish and wildlife agency websites that provide more in depth details on everything you need to know about trying to whack a gobbler in that state. Specific dates for seasons and bag limits often vary by zones within each state, so be sure to look into specific details regarding the area you hunt. Population and harvest numbers are approximate estimates based on the best available science and data.

Gobblers-N-Guitars Highlights Singers And Songwriters Out In The Field Hunting

The National Wild Turkey Federation has a long history of mixing music with the great outdoors. Their Gobblers-N-Guitars series puts the spotlight on singers and songwriters through high-quality videos. The features include footage of awesome hunting adventures and time spent hanging out at hunting camp with guitars, good music, and great vibes.

You can watch the videos for free on NWTF’s YouTube Channel. Episodes include hunts and music from Heath SandersJustin AdamsBrad ClawsonJenna LaMasterWhitney Duncan, and Jordan Rowe. NWTF also teamed up with Muscadine Bloodline to make this epic video about their snow-covered turkey hunt in Wyoming.

Muscadine Bloodline / YouTube