Officials Investigating Couple Who Dyed Waterfall Blue, Threatened Water Supply for Gender Reveal

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Gender reveals are a big thing these days and a couple in Brazil thought it would be cool to use a waterfall to do it. They appear to really not have thought through this process too well. Sure, they wanted to celebrate a happy occasion. Yet dying a waterfall blue for the big event? Well, they didn’t ponder whether or not it would affect a nearby town’s water supply. Now, they have the environment ministry from Brazil investigating them. Yeah, that’s not cool.

So, according to The Independent, this couple was getting some backlash on the Internet. They posted a video on Instagram detailing the moment that a waterfall would turn electric blue. That means they are going to have a baby boy. People and guests started cheering wildly after the news was revealed.

Video of Waterfall Appears On Different Platforms

But that video would later be deleted. It also shows swans that were made of white balloons. By the bank of the river, a question mark symbol made of pink and blue balloons was nearby. While they deleted the video, it already had spread like wildfire. Copies of it get put on multiple different social media platforms.

This couple, unidentified at this time, is now facing an investigation by the Brazilian environment ministry. It says the couple polluted the popular tourist destination of the Queima Pé river. The river is located in the state of Mato Grosso. It’s also a key water source for Tangará da Serra, a nearby town. This waterfall appears to be good for waterfall baths. Toss in rappeling and additional tourist activities. Brazilian news website Midiajur said that periods of drought have often caused a supply crisis. It would affect the municipality when it hit.

Couple Picked Bad Place To Have Gender Reveal

Meanwhile, using a waterfall for a gender reveal might sound like a pretty cool idea. Not much thinking goes into this whole process. Imagine having a lot of friends together for this big announcement. Then, the people there cheer on the couple after this news gets out. But no one takes into account how this might affect other people. As we noted, the water in the waterfall gets polluted. Did not anyone really think through this process? Everyone loves great news and these friends probably were cheering on this couple.

Gender reveals, as we said, are quite popular to do. They are moments to celebrate and feel happy for a future mother and father. Yet when and where to do this reveal does take a little time and inspiration. Not all places are good ones to have these moments. This couple could have chosen a different place to do this.