Officials Take Action After Pack of Aggressive Coyotes Wreaks Havoc on City

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Four coyotes have been euthanized by city officials in Burlington, Ontario, Canada after numerous attacks on citizens. Field & Stream reported these attacks started in late August. But we get more clarity about the outdoors situation thanks to the City of Burlington. It reported via Twitter that one of the coyotes was stalking and chasing people.

Then, the coyote was “eliminated because it was aggressive, not afraid of humans or showing normal coyote behavior.” Seven people reportedly go through coyote attacks. Their age range has been between toddlers to senior citizens, according to this report. Another report, this time from The Post Burlington, indicates that a local government official spoke up on September 14 at a ward council meeting.

This person said that the coyotes were following people in their attempt to get food. Ward 4 Council Member Shawna Stolte said, “You have an elderly lady who is napping on her front patio. You have an 18-year-old who’s lying on her back in the park looking at the stars. Those are not people who are walking their dogs.” Stolte added, “Those are situations where coyotes are actively hunting people. That is the tension that we have in the community right now.”

Coyotes Were Trying To Get Food

Additionally, city leaders have reportedly put signs up warning townspeople about the coyotes. Even the Ward 4 Council has reportedly requested for some emergency funding from Ontario to help with this situation. One thing being done is city officials have been handing out whistles. They have sent out this warning through their Twitter account. They have written, “If you see a coyote, haze the coyote. Make noise, throw something, spray it with a hose or water gun, wave your arms and make yourself look as big as possible.”

The city leaders added that citizens should never run or even turn their backs on the animals. What would prompt such a warning? It would come after an elderly woman received a coyote bite. She was simply sitting in a lawn chair just outside of her retirement community. Additionally, one group believes a single family of these animals is behind this spate of attacks.

Those experts with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry believe these animals go through conditioning to get food from humans. When did this occur? Possibly when residents located in south central Burlington started to feed those coyotes. That’s not a smart thing to do. Per a city ordinance, any person who is caught feeding coyotes or other wildlife animals within the city will receive a $350 fine. Any resident who has concerns about coyote feeding should place a call to animal control in the city.