Ohio Officials on the Hunt for Two Escaped Kangaroos

by Amy Myers

It may seem like a prank call, but when Ohio officials received not one, but two calls about different kangaroos wandering near Brewster, they knew it was no joke.

The first of the sightings occurred on Thursday night when someone spotted a baby kangaroo, according to Ohio police chief Nathan Taylor. A resident in Northeast Ohio caught the foreign creature on a trail camera facing the woods. In one of the photos, the animal had its nose to the ground, almost passing for a strange fox or coyote. But upon closure inspection, it’s clear that those nimble hands and long ears belong to a creature from Down Under.

Surprisingly, the second kangaroo sighting didn’t happen until two days later. According to Taylor, this person confirmed that this one was, in fact, an adult. The person caught a video of the pouched stranger crossing State Route 93.

Like many northeastern states, Taylor and his team are likely used to hearing calls about wildlife like deer and bears. But they never thought they would receive a call of a marsupial pair running around town.

“Never dreamed I’d run into this in my career,” Taylor admitted. “We believe they just escaped from somewhere.”

It’s unclear where these animals came from, but likely, they escaped from someone’s personal enclosure, since no zoo or facility has stepped forward to claim them.

Wherever they came from, Taylor stated that the department’s priority is to find the kangaroos and safely return them to their home.

“If anyone has information, I don’t care, I just want these things safe and the people safe,” he told WKRN.

Police Chief Says ‘Biggest Fear’ Is That Locals May Begin ‘Hunting’ Kangaroos

So far, the police have not been able to locate either the baby or the adult kangaroo. But thanks to a sighting in town, Taylor said they have a “general idea” of where the pair could be hiding.

Typically, kangaroos don’t like to interact with humans and will keep their distance so long as people do the same. However, these creatures can be incredibly defensive and can do a lot of damage. A full-grown red kangaroo’s kick delivers up to 759 pounds of force. Not to mention, they also have long, sharp claws on their upper limbs that are sure to leave a mark.

The Ohio police department worries that if people begin searching for these marsupials on their own, it could lead to a devastating end to the story. That said, Taylor encouraged locals to report any more sightings of the kangaroos, but don’t try to wrangle them yourself.

“That’s our biggest fear right now, we don’t want people to start hunting them,” Taylor said. “If people can stay in the area and keep an eye [on the kangaroo], please do that, but do not approach.”

To report any tips to the Brewster police, call 330-830-4272.