Oklahoma Fisherman Claims Bigfoot ‘Forced’ Him to Murder His Best Friend

by Clayton Edwards

When many people think about bigfoot, the dense and sprawling forests of the Pacific Northwest come immediately to mind. However, the southern and southeastern regions of Oklahoma have been the setting of countless sasquatch sightings over the years. Recently, one southern Oklahoma outdoorsman’s belief in bigfoot led him to murder his longtime friend and fishing buddy.

According to News 9, a local news outlet, Larry Sanders and Jimmy Knighten were noodling on the South Canadian River in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma on July 9th. While fishing, the two got into a confrontation and Sanders struck, strangled and drowned Knighten. Law enforcement officers and volunteers found Knighten’s body the next day. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation later arrested Sanders on the charge of first-degree murder. During his confession, Sanders claimed that his fear of bigfoot led him to murder his fishing buddy.

Knighten’s ex-wife Stacey Kelley spoke to The Sun about the incident. During her interview, she revealed that her ex-husband was striking a tin bell in hopes of drawing catfish out of their holes. However, Sanders believed that Knighten was working on a strange murder-by-bigfoot plot.

According to the publication, Sanders was under the impression that his longtime friend was going to lure a sasquatch to their location and leave him there to be eaten by the mythical beast. His fear of being mauled by bigfoot led him to murder Knighten in a deluded form of self-defense.

Fear of Bigfoot Causes Murder Among Friends

According to Kelley, the bigfoot fear-fueled murder is made more tragic by the connection between Sanders and Knighten. The pair were more than fishing buddies. They had been friends since high school. More than that, their families were intertwined.

Knighten and Kelley were married for 20 years. They had three children together who are all now adults. Additionally, Knighten and Kelley were still friends and he was close to her two children from her current marriage. Larry Sanders took a father and father figure away from those children and young adults. However, that’s only the beginning.

Kelley noted that Sanders had children that were near the same age as those she shared with Knighten. “His kids and my kids are all very close,” she said. “They went to school together, they grew up together, and they were always at Jimmy’s house. So, his kids were tied to Jimmy as well.”

Now, she says, they’ll have to live knowing that their dad murdered a man they all looked up to. The fact that Sanders blames the murder on his fear of bigfoot makes it worse.

About those claims, Kelley said, “I think he’s just trying to get out of jail – I think he’s just trying to save his own butt.”

Law enforcement officials suspect that it was methamphetamine, not bigfoot, that led Sanders to murder his longtime friend. He seemed to be under the influence of the drug when giving his statement to the OSBI.