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Oregon Hunter Finds Dead Man’s Body

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by JEWEL SAMAD/AFP via Getty Images)

Last week, the officials at Oregon’s Lane County Office reported that a hunter discovered the body of a man north of Highway 126 near Wacker Point Road. 

FOX 12 reported that the deceased man was white and likely in his 30s at the time of his death. The hunter stumbled upon the body last Sunday (November 20th). Sheriff’s office spokesperson Sgt. Tom Speldrich stated that the death is considered suspicious. Authorities will not release more information about the case currently. The sheriff’s office also asked if anyone has any information about the case of who was traveling on Wacker Point Road between November 18th and 20th. 

The latest body discovery comes six months after a mushroom hunter found a body near Highway 242 in Oregon. This incident occurred on May 21st. The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office revealed more details. “Deputies arrived on scene and began conducting a death investigation. The investigation found no evidence of foul play.”

At the time, the body had not been identified. Investigators also did not publicly say if they knew how the body ended up in the area. 

The Hunter’s Discovery Isn’t the First time A Body Has Been Found in Oregon’s Lane County This Year

Kezi 9 reported that also in May 2022, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office revealed a passerby called its office to report that they found what they suspected were human remains in the area near West Boundary Road. This is notably not too far from Lookout Reservoir. Authorities did confirm that the remains were human.  

The sheriff’s office also confirmed that the condition of the remains indicated that the victim had been dead for several weeks before the remains were discovered. The county’s investigators notably teamed up with the Oregon State Police Crime Lab to determine the victim’s identity as well as the cause of death. It was determined that the victim was an adult female between 30 and 50 years old. She also had dark hair and stand between 5 feet and 5-foot-8-inches tall. Authorities also shared that the remains were found with a white “Huf” shirt with green stripes that had the sleeves removed, and a light-colored elephant print shirt.

In the meantime, Lane County residents grew concerned over the discovery the human remains. One resident told the media outlet, “This is really, really close to home and it’s really scary. We take our dogs up there running around, my daughter usually goes up there camping with her friends. So yeah, it’s pretty scary, and more information would be really nice to find out.” 

Another resident stated that she walks her dogs along West Boundary Road three times a day. “It kind of scares me. I’ll be taking a different route now.”