Oregon Officials Investigating After Two Bears Found Dead in Trees

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Troy Harrison)

Oregon officials are seeking information regarding two black bears found in trees in one area at two separate times. One of these bears was found deceased after being shot by an arrow. It was also found with two bullet wounds. The other was found a few days later. This one with a deadly injury that Oregon wildlife officials have deemed to be “human-caused.”

Oregon Officials Are Called About Dead Bears Shot with Arrow, Gun

According to reports, the Oregon State Police Wildlife Division issued a news release reporting the first deceased black bear in Oregon’s Jackson County on the afternoon of Saturday, October 29. The incident occurred just outside of the Talent area. Initially, the statement notes, officials have reported the animal was shot by an arrow “in its flesh.”

Upon further investigation, however, the Oregon wildlife officials also noted that the animal was also shot two times by a gun. To help move the carcass for further investigation, the wildlife experts called in the Jackson County Fire Department.

A Second Bear Was Found Dead in the Same Area Just a Few Days Later

Just a few days later, a second deceased black bear was spotted in a tree within the same Jackson County area. This black bear, however, was likely in the tree for some time before it was found, the Oregon State Police say.

The officers found the black bear in a decomposed state. A cause of death has yet to be released for this bear. However, the state police note that its demise is likely “human-caused.”

The Oregon State Police are asking anyone with information to contact officials at 1-800-452-7888. Individuals with info can also text *OSP (*677), or email information to [email protected]

Bear Cub Found Alive And Well In A Tree After Avoiding Authorities For Days

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) crews were busy this fall searching for a wandering bear cub. According to reports, the bear had been eluding wildlife officials for days. It even made an unexpected appearance at a middle school.

The Colorado wildlife experts eventually caught up with the bear, however. This came after they received a tip that the juvenile was resting in a tree. The CPW showed up at the private residence where the animal was spotted and quickly secured the cub.

“Thanks to the help of Lower Valley Fire and Fruita PD, wildlife officers were able to get the cub safely out of the tree,” the CPW reports. “Once safely on the ground, he was taken to a wildlife rehab center to be evaluated.”