Oregon Residents Tie Man Accused of Starting Wildfires to a Tree Until Police Show Up

by Emily Morgan

After a man discarded his cigarette into the woods, which ignited a wildfire, Oregon residents tied the man up until authorities arrived. 

Thanks to the good samaritans, Oregon police were able to arrest the man. According to The New York Times, 30-year-old Trennon Smith reportedly threw his lit cigarette down as he walked along a gravel road.

“It was reported that the suspect became very combative with the three residents and had to be tied to a tree to subdue him,” said a statement from Curry County Justice Tuesday, which added that Smith was detained by the residents until officers from the Bureau of Land Management arrived. 

Paramedics attended to the suspect as he had suffered injuries from a fall. Later, paramedics transported Smith to a nearby hospital for an exam. Police later took him to jail on two arson charges in the first degree and one count of reckless burning. 

In addition, he also had a warrant out for his arrest for probation violation. Per court documents, his bond was set at $100,000. In addition, it’s unclear if Smith has an attorney.  

“The Curry County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all agencies who responded to assist in the fire control and detaining Trennon Smith for starting the fires,” an official statement read about the incident, which involved helicopters dispatched by the Oregon Department of Forestry, and all the firefighting and law enforcement agencies in the local area.

“The cooperation and partnership between all agencies when something like this occur is remarkable,” the statement continued.

Oregon wildfire contained as fires continue to rage across the west coast

“The quick actions on getting the fires out most certainly averted a catastrophe and saved lives. The total area burnt is less than one acre. If the fires had not been contained and if they got out of control, they could have blocked all the residents and visitors from having an escape route.”

The Sheriff’s Office declared Smith’s case regarding the oregon wildfire an ongoing investigation. 

According to the National Interagency Coordination Center, over 30 thousand wildfires have burned over 5 million acres this year. In addition, the last time the statistics were this high was in 2015, when the acreage surpassed 5.6 million acres. 

Per the release, human activity is the most common cause of wildfires. However, lightning ignited 3,231 wildfires covering 3,207,755 acres. 

On Tuesday, federal officials also told west coast residents about the warning signs of prime fire conditions. The news comes as California battles the raging Oak fire outside of Yosemite valley. 

Now, state and federal officials are reminding people to limit their fire-causing actions as much as possible.

“As record temperatures and very dry fuels continue to be reported in many states, wildland firefighters need everyone to do their part to prevent wildfires,” the National Interagency Fire Center said.