Paddleboarder Loses iPhone in the Ocean Only for Scuba Diver To Find it the Next Day

by Megan Molseed

When one Massachusetts paddleboarder lost her iPhone in the ocean, she didn’t have much hope of finding it. However, she wasn’t going to give up without trying. And, her persistence paid off well when a scuba diver discovered the valuable item the very next day.

Scuba Diver Finds iPhone A Day After Paddleboarder Loses It In Ocean

  • A paddleboarder dropped an iPhone in the ocean during a recent beach trip
  • While the ocean-goer felt the phone was gone for good, she asked a local scuba instructor and the students to keep their eyes open for the lost electronic
  • The iPhone was found the very next day during a dive

Lucky Paddleboarder Gets iPhone Back A Day After Dropping It In The Ocean

We all know the feeling of dropping and/or losing our all-too-important cell phones. However, the feeling has got to be multiplied in a situation like the one paddleboarder Laura Hernandez found herself in recently. During a trip to a Rockport, Massachusetts beach, Hernandez watched in horror as her cell phone fell into the water, sinking into the deep blue sea.

The phone was encased in a bright pink waterproof pouch as she set out onto the water for a day of paddleboarding. However, not long into the excursion, the iPhone fell overboard as Hernandez helplessly watched it fall. However, this ocean-goer wasn’t going to move on easily, despite how hopeless the situation seemed at the time.

Scuba Diving Students Keep An Eye Out For Lost iPhone

While she had little hope her iPhone could be recovered from the ocean, Laura Hernandez wasn’t about to give up. She stopped by the same beach the next day and spoke to a local scuba diving instructor, explaining the situation. Hernandez hoped that the instructor, Larry Bettencourt, and his students could keep their eye out for the unmistakable pink case.

And, incredibly, this Hail Mary served the hopeful paddleboarder well. Incredibly, one of Bettencourt’s students, Vanessa Kahn spotted the unmistakable iPhone in its pouch. Kahn, who was scuba diving for the first time that day, found the item in water that sits at least 25 feet deep.

“The bright pink waterproof case stuck out like a sore thumb,” Vanessa Kahn says of the find.

“It was like almost neatly placed into a bed of green seaweed,” Kahn relates. And, Kahn got a little extra “thank you” for her effort, too when Hernandez paid the diver a $300 reward for reuniting her with the iPhone.