Paraglider Plummets to His Death After Gear Mishap, His Friend Speaks Out

by Emily Morgan

In an unfortunate tragedy, a paraglider plummeted to his death in a freak accident. Sadly, the incident also occurred in front of his terrified pal.

“I looked back and saw him drop like a stone,” the horrified man said about his friend. Just moments before, the two had been having the time of their lives as they glided across the sky in the UK. In addition, onlookers saw the unlucky paraglider spin in circles before plummeting to the ground. “They were returning home,” one witness said.

“One got into difficulties when his lines twisted, but he didn’t have time to deploy his emergency chute,” they added about seeing the horrifying event play out in front of them.

Rescue services rushed to the scene on Tuesday night at about 7 pm local time. Sadly, once they arrived, they shortly pronounced the victim dead. West Yorkshire Police said they believe no foul play was involved and have filed a report for the coroner. In addition, the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association will also launch an investigation into the case.

After the incident, locals posted tributes on social media. One saddened wrote: “See these guys flying regularly. Awful news.”

One witness added: “They were said to be flying pretty low. That meant when he got into difficulties. He didn’t have time to deploy the emergency chute.”

First responders arrived at the field they located a find a male, thought to be a middle-aged man. Unfortunately, he was discovered to be fatally injured. Investigations by West Yorkshire Police and Crime Scene Investigators were carried out at the location throughout the night, according to witnesses.

Father-of-four perishes in similar paragliding accidefnt

Similarly, a father-of-four was recently killed in a paragliding accident in France. According to reports, Martin Dyer, 55, tragically died while pursuing his love of paragliding in the French Alps on July 14.

His loved ones described him as “full of fun and laughter.” Moments before he plunged to death, he flew around eastern France. Then, sadly, tragedy struck.

After authorities pronounced him dead, the coroner said no post-mortem examination was carried out in France but said he suffered multiple injuries.

The coroner also revealed he received few details from the French authorities about the details of his death.

Later, his family released a heartbreaking statement. “We are all truly heartbroken to have lost our Dad. He was full of life and laughter and would drop everything in an instant if any of us needed him.”

They added: “He encouraged us in everything we did, and made us believe we could achieve anything we put our minds to. The hole he leaves behind in our lives will be felt by so many, as he was loved by so many.”