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Pennsylvania Hunter Butchers Deer Carcass in Front of Middle School, Leaves Neighbors Stunned

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Avalon_Studio)

Some Pennsylvania middle schoolers got an eyeful recently after a hunter butchers a freshly harvested deer within yards of the school. According to the reports, the local hunter hung his deer from a tree outside of his home…however, this caused quite a stir among community members as this tree happens to be located right out front of one of the local school district’s buildings.

One resident spoke with the local CBS station in Pittsburgh noting that they have a grandchild who attends a school that is located just down the street. And, watching a hunter gut a kill while on school grounds would be upsetting to the student, the resident says.

“I got a grandchild just down the street,” explains Gene James.

“And I think it would really upset him,” the resident relates. “To see a gutted deer hanging upside down in a front yard.”

Rifle deer season was a big hit this year among Pennsylvania residents. Furthermore, a lot of these hunters have emerged from the woods victorious, with deer ready to be butchered. And, one of these hunters is Greenburg Pennsybvlania resident Lucas Smith who lives right next to the area middle school.

And, this is where the hunter has decided to butcher the deer, right out front of his Greensburg area home. An action that seems to be deciding the area. Some residents such as Gene James have an issue with the hunter’s choice to butcher his deer in that location. Other residents aren’t bothered by this at all. However, few are as aware of the potential issues as Lucas Smith is, even as he gets to work on his recent kill.

Smith was hard at work processing the animal that he bagged just last week when he spoke with the local news stations about the issue. During the interview, Smith acknowledges that he feels “terrible doing it in front of the school.”

However, the hunter says, this is where he lives. “I have no other choice,” Lucas Smith relates during the interview.

If There Were Other Options, This Deer Hunter Would Have Used Them

Smith adds that if he did have a choice, he would have utilized those other options in an instant.

“I have no other trees in my yard,” the Pennsylvania resident explains. “If I did, I’d be doing it there.”

James is quick to note that while he disagrees with Smith’s decision to butcher the deer in his yard in view of the Greensburg Pennsylvania middle school, he has no issue with hunting overall.

While another resident notes they have little issues with the entire situation. One of the neighbors Jodi Good says “My dad and my brothers are hunters so I have no problem with it.”