Pennsylvania Man Accused of Illegally Killing Deer Claims He ‘Can’t Afford Food’

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by: Arterra/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A man in Pennsylvania has been accused of illegally killing two deer after he caught them grazing in his garden. While speaking to officials, he claimed that he was forced to shoot the animals because he can’t afford to buy food in “Joe Biden’s America.”

On Wednesday, August 30, a PA Game Commission Warden responded to reports that 47-year-old Paul Yockey of Driftwood began yelling early in the morning. And then, he proceeded to fire gunshots. A few of his neighbors later shared that they often see deer on his property. And he had reacted similarly in the past.

According to an affidavit, One witness also alleged that Yockey had bragged about killing a rabbit a few years ago. And he said that he had tried killing a second, but it escaped behind the witness’ shed.

When the warden arrived to question the man, Yockey said he first shot a single 12-gauge into to air to scare the animals away. But they didn’t leave, so he killed them. He also added that he owns several hunting guns. And if more deer came on his property, he’d use a different round. And they would get to the other side of a nearby mountain before they “dropped dead.”

The man also admitted that he owned numerous firearms that would get the job done.

Yockey defended his actions by saying that he was trying to protect his produce garden. According to the complaint, he claimed that he was on a “fixed income and couldn’t afford to buy food in Joe Biden’s America.” So he relied on his eating his vegetables.

Man Charged With Shooting Deer is Legally Prohibited From Owning a Gun

The game warden found a doe and its fawn dead. Yockey had used bullets meant to kill small animals and are illegal to use on deer and other large game. The warden also shared that Yockey was not allowed to own firearms due to a 2006 criminal charge.

State police officers also arrived on the scene. And when they searched Yockey’s home, they found multiple firearms and nearly two pounds of marijuana that they believed was packed to sell.

The officers eventually arrested and charged the man with 11 counts of possession of a firearm by someone prohibited. He also faces a felony drug possession with intent to deliver and an illegal killing charge.

Yockey was booked at the Cameron County Prison with a $5,000 bail. The court set his preliminary hearing for October 13.