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Pentagon Makes Wild Claims About ‘Alien Mothership’

by Brett Stayton
Alien Ship Flying Through Space And Time
Photo by Anton Petrus/Getty Images

Welp… Aliens. That’s right. As if there wasn’t already enough shit to worry about in this crazy world, now the Pentagon is making wild claims that aliens might be probing all of us soon. The information was first made available through a draft report that resulted from a Pentagon review of more than 8 decades of UFO-related documents. The recent news-making story was recently shared by the New York Post. The story details that aliens are very likely visiting our solar system and sending smaller probes on exploratory missions like NASA does when exploring other planets. So that Tesla that is next to you at the stoplight? Maybe it’s an alien. The little old lady with a shopping cart? Maybe she’s an alien. Neighbors’ dog won’t stop barking? Alien.

The truth about these alien probes is actually far more complex than that. Abraham Loeb, the chairman of Harvard University’s astronomy department provided more context. He co-authored a report by Sean Kirkpatrick, the director of the Pentagon’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). “…An artificial interstellar object could potentially be a parent craft that releases many small probes during its close passage to Earth, an operational construct not too dissimilar from NASA missions,” the report read. “These ‘dandelion seeds’ could be separated from the parent craft by the tidal gravitational force of the Sun or by a maneuvering capability.”

Two Unidentified Flying Objects In Particular Raise Questions

Two incidents in particular that emerged as part of the review have raised serious questions about exploratory alien probes. Both of them were detected by one of the most elite telescopic systems in the world, the Pan-STARRS. In October of 2017, an unusual interstellar object was detected. It was named Oumuamua which translates to “Scout” in Hawaiin. The cigar-shaped object propelled itself without leaving a cometary trail, which lead scientists to believe it flying by artificial locomotion. Three years later, another similar object was also discovered cruising around with no cometary trail to be detected.

“With proper design, these tiny probes would reach the Earth or other solar system planets for exploration, as the parent craft passes by within a fraction of the Earth-Sun separation — just like ‘Oumuamua’ did,” Loeb and Kirkpatrick wrote in their report. “Astronomers would not be able to notice the spray of mini probes because they do not reflect enough sunlight for existing survey telescopes to notice them.”

New UFO Sightings Data Revealed in U.S. Intel Report

According to federal officials, the number of reported UFO sightings has absolutely surged over the last two years. Avril Haines, the Director of National Intelligence says his team is currently reviewing 510 UFO sightings across the country. According to Fox News, those figures were revealed as part of an unclassified report for Congress.

A preliminary report released in 2021 tallied up ongoing investigations of 144 UFO sightings. Since then, 366 more sightings have been reported to the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). The increase is being attributed to a reduced stigma around claiming to have seen a UFO and a better understanding of potential threats posed by them.

More than half of the UFOs on the report were described as “unremarkable” “unmanned aircraft systems,” “balloon-like entities,” or simply clutter. However, the other half of the report appears to be more high-tech than that. The report indicates those UFOS “appear to have demonstrated unusual flight characteristics or performance capabilities, and require further analysis.”