People Furious at Zoo for Feeding Dead Giraffe to a Lion

by Tia Bailey
Photo by JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER/AFP via Getty Images

A zoo in the Czech Republic has infuriated visitors. The zoo fed a dead giraffe to a lion, leading to an uproar among guests.

The Ostrava zoo had a giraffe that died, and they decided to feed it to one of their lions. They defended themselves by saying since lions are carnivores, that this is what would have happened in nature anyway.

Zoo spokeswoman Šárka Nováková shared a statement about the giraffe’s death.

“The giraffe first fell down, was breathing heavily and did not get up again,” she said. “Everything pointed to heart failure. Due to the general condition, hypoxia, age and stress of the animal, we proceeded to euthanize it.”

The zoo shared a statement about the lion incident on its Facebook page.

“Unfortunately, a giraffe had to be killed in Zoo Ostrava – oficiální stránky on Sunday. A nineteen-year-old female collapsed in the afternoon – she fell, was unable to stand up again and was breathing with strain. During the examination, a threaded pulse, clouded echoes of the heart, cyanotic mucous membranes and a distinctive lung edema were detected. Clinically, everything pointed to heart failure. Due to the overall condition, hypoxia, age and stress of the animal, euthanasia was approached. Subsequent autopsy showed pericarditis, amount of gel discharge in the heart cavity and bearing necrosis on the surface of the flabby heart muscle. Meat from more than 300kg animal was used as food for domestic animals and other carnivores, as it would happen in nature. Photo by Enrico Gombala,” they wrote.

Zoo Angers Guests After Feeding Lion a Dead Giraffe

Even with this statement, people were still angry. One person wrote: “Just because “it would happen in nature” doesn’t mean you have to do it and make the whole world see it!!! In nature, wild animals are also not behind cages but you are not ready for that conversation, aren’t you? Shame!!!!!!”

Another commenter said: “Sad… How meat will be used was expected, but the photo is rough, including the fur.”

However, there are also some who believe that the move was perfectly acceptable.

“As you write, it would be the same in nature as well and better than the animal ending up somewhere in a pile in a refinery. Makes a lot of sense here. It’s sad, but that’s how it is sometimes, or actually often in nature…” one commenter said.

Another pointed out that while the situation is understandable, the photo wasn’t needed: “The right decision, at least it was used. I just think it would be better to take a picture of a Lion without a piece of a giraffe. people read the comments, not everyone needs to see it.”

It seems that things have otherwise calmed down with other posts.