Persistent Geese Block Traffic in Boston Suburb for 20 Minutes During Rush Hour

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Lane Turner/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

As commuters were setting out to put in a day of work just before the holiday – or even set out on their holiday journies – a pair of geese decided to step in and make things necessarily complicated.

Maybe these wild birds felt super brave right now considering that turkeys are the poultry that traditionally needs to watch out for danger this time of year. Whatever the case, a couple of very persistent geese are blocking traffic along a Massachusetts roadway. Running “afoul” of the local authorities.

According to officials, Massachusets police officers had to “fly” into action Wednesday morning as the pair of Canadian geese wandered around Route 28 during the busy morning commute. This area is located just outside of Boston in Wakefield Massachusets.

Traffic Comes to a Stop During the Early Morning Rush Hour While Officers Try To Wrangle the Wayward Geese

Traffic slowed to a stop along Route 28 just outside of Boston Massachusets Wednesday morning as some wayward geese decided to cross the road. The multi-lane road saw zero movements for over 20 minutes, officials note. All as the responding officers tried their hardest to shoo the geese away.

One could say that the frustrated commuters weren’t the only ones doing the honking in this traffic jam! The geese were causing quite a commotion as they wandered along the highway, surrounded by commuters setting out for the day. According to reports, the wandering geese weren’t quite sure where to go. In fact, notes CBS News, the geese were running back and forth along the usually very busy lanes.

Officers Have A Hard Time Directing The Wayward Poultry Across The Road

The video is hilarious as the wandering birds move along the busy interstate. Thankfully, by the time the footage begins, traffic has come to a halt in order to keep the birds (and the responding officers) safe. The SkyEye helicopter caught the events on video. Recording the hilarity as a Massachusetts State Police trooper tries to shoo the animals off onto the side of the road.

Initially, it appears the police officer’s efforts worked very well as the geese wander off the roadway and onto the side of the road. The geese seem to be heading into the woods that are located just off to the side. However, the busy roadway appears to be way more exciting to the geese. And, despite the officer’s best efforts, the birds keep returning to the scene of the crime!

Eventually, however, the geese decided to stay in the woods. And traffic was able to begin moving once again with some commuters ready to tell a very unusual story about why they are late for work that morning!