Photo of ‘Bee Ball’ Wins Wildlife Photographer Top Prize

by Tia Bailey
Photo by YAMIL LAGE/AFP via Getty Images

A photo of a ball of bees has won a wildlife photographer a prize. The photographer who took the ‘bee ball’ picture earned the top prize. Karine Aigner captured the stunning photo.

“I had to spend quite a bit of time on my belly in the dirt,” Aigner said of taking the picture.

She spoke to BBC News about how she found the ball of bees.

“It wasn’t something I went looking for. I’ve been working on a ranch in South Texas for years, and I just happened on the location. I saw all these little ‘volcanoes’ in the ground – the individual burrows dug by the females to make their nests,” she said.

The photo is mesmerizing, and so interesting to look at.

“The picture is fabulous; it’s got so much energy. It’s a proper ‘behaviour’ shot. That’s what you get from invertebrates and that’s why I love them,” Roz Kidman Cox, who chairs the WPY judges, said. “It’s also the composition. What makes the photo complete are the bees coming in from the side. They give you ‘the soundtrack’.”

Aigner is the fifth woman ever to win the top prize in the competition.

Wildlife Photographer Captures Up-Close Photos of Great Whites

Mike Coots is a surfer and photographer. When he was 18 years old, he lost his leg to a great white shark. However, years later, he still photographs them.

He took to his Instagram account to express his love for photographing the creatures.

“Imagine a place on Earth, that as soon as you desend below the waterline it becomes otherworldly. How nature existed hundreds of million years ago. Apex vs everything else. This is Isla Guadalupe. And these are its living dinosaurs,” he writes in his caption. “

He then shared his experience with Pelagic Fleet, “Adventure travel company determined to explore and protect the open ocean.”

“A place where the rest of the world melts away, and time slows down. I have been home for a little over a week, and every thought is consumed on how fast I can return. Guadalupe is a sea full of magic, and @pelagicfleet is your portal there,” he continued.

He included a stunning underwater video of a great white shark.

His whole account features shark and surfing content, and it’s gorgeous.

Back in December, he actively spoke up against fishing for sharks.

“This is heartbreaking. Via a post from @sharkgirlmadison. Retaliation to a individual for speaking out about a shark fishing tournament in Australia. I usually don’t post negative stuff, but this needs to stop. We have one planet, and we are all in this together. Our oceans are a gift to us all, the least we can do is be responsible and respectful stewards,” he wrote.