PHOTO: Colorado Fisherman Smashes 75-Year-Old Record With Massive Brook Trout

by Jonathan Howard

Records are meant to be broken and this 75-year-old Colorado angler did just that with his latest brook trout catch in Monarch Lake. Tim Daniel is a resident of Granby, Colorado, and is now going down in the outdoors record books. When you hook that big one, you can feel it. We all like to think every hit and bite is the big one, but when you know you know.

The record-breaking catch was back in May and has recently been approved. It broke the old record by a decent amount, too. Almost a quarter of a pound, in fact. That brook trout on his line was 7.84 pounds and is now recognized as the state record by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. CPW has a stringent process for approving records like this.

Before Daniel hooked the brook trout, the record was 7.63 pounds. The fish was hooked in 1947 and before the new one was caught, it was the longest-standing fish record in Colorado. That just makes the Daniel trout even more impressive. It’s one of those records that no one thought would be broken.

“It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving angler than Tim,” said CPW Aquatic Biologist Jon Ewart. “He’s just one of those guys that is always out there on the water and as a result, has an intimate knowledge of the subtle details necessary to be so successful.”

State agencies like the CPW are happy to help residents verify their catches. If they believe they might have a record on their hands, there are ways to go about getting a fish officially measured.

Brook trout, which are often called speckled trout, are beautiful fish. Pink and/or red spots with blue outlines around them. It makes the dark green body of the fish look marbled.

Brook Trout Record Hodler Thankful for CPW

When it comes to getting a government agency to do something quickly and efficiently – things don’t always go great. However, while working with the CPW, Tim Daniel was happy to have things go smoothly and to get his record certified with relative ease.

“I’ve fished waters in Northwest Colorado for many years, and I have landed some big fish,” Daniel said. “Thanks to the hard work and dedication of CPW aquatic biologists, Northwest Colorado has some of the best fisheries in the state.”

After this record, anglers all over Colorado are going to be dying to get to Monarch Lake. You better believe that there will be a little more fishing traffic in the coming days and weeks. I have a feeling the best fish was already caught.