PHOTO: Escaped Mini Horse Runs Loose Along Canada Highway

by Craig Garrett
Portrait of a pony in Normandy's fields in France during sunset - stock photo

An escaped miniature horse was seen running alongside a busy highway in Ontario when a pair of witnesses stepped in to corral the animal. The Ontario Provincial Police announced Thursday morning that a miniature horse had escaped its pen. It was seen running alongside Highway 401 in Oxford County, just outside of Woodstock.

Two Good Samaritans saw the horse on the loose and were able to lasso it before anyone got hurt. OPP said the horse was returned to its home. An image of the rogue mini equine with its wranglers was shared on Twitter.

“Not typically the #Horsepower we see on #Hwy401 in @OxfordCounty,” The OPP captioned the image. It shows two men grinning, alongside the pint-sized horse. “This pony escaped its pen and was causing issues for commuters this morning. Thanks to these 2 passersby the pony was corralled and returned safely to its owner. Great job fellas!”

Some people on Twitter noted the haggard appearance of the mini horse. “That pony looks neglected…look at its mane! Please check on this pony,” one user pleaded. “You need to send inspectors to this farm to examine ALL animals. This poor pony is definitely suffering from neglect,” another user wrote. “What’s up with the matted hair? [Does] this animal get taken care of?,” one Twitter user echoed. Finally, one user seems to have some experience taking care of animals. “When was the last time this baby was curried? Poor thing needs some attention.”

A Mini Horse has more uses than you might imagine

A miniature horse is a breed of equine known for its small size. These animals have been bred to display the physical characteristics of full-sized horses, but are only 40 inches tall, or even less. Although they have the appearance of small horses, they are more closely related to pony breeds such as Shetland ponies. They come in various colors and coat patterns.

Miniature horses exist in many countries throughout the world, including Argentina, Australia, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Namibia, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In some of these countries they are considered a breed; examples of such miniature equine breeds include the Falabella of Argentina, the Dutch Miniature or Nederlands Mini Paard, the South African Miniature, and also American Miniature.

They make great companion animals and some are even trained as service dogs. Others excel in sports like driving or do well in competitions such as horse shows. On average, miniature horses have a lifespan between 40 to 45 years old, which is often longer than full-sized horse breeds.

Miniature horses are popular pets, but they aren’t big enough for anyone other than the smallest riders to ride. They can participate in events such as halter (horse conformation), in-hand hunter and jumper, driving, liberty, costume, obstacle, or trail classes. A few have been trained as guide animals for blind people who might consider dogs unclean but accept equines otherwise.