PHOTOS: North Carolina Hunter Bags Absolute Unit of a 700-Pound Black Bear

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

As you can tell, this North Carolina hunter had himself quite a day out hunting and is showing off his big black bear trophy. And we mean big, like really big. Caleb Henry is the hunter and this black bear totals almost 700 pounds. This big boy definitely was not missing too many meals. Thanks to a couple of photos, we all get a chance to see Caleb’s catch on display. The comments are off the charts and we’ll get to some of them in a minute. Have you ever seen a black bear this size before?

What about those comments? Man, we’ve got some doozies for you. This person wrote, “Thing looks like he was camped outside a Mcdonalds”. Yeah, as we said, this unit doesn’t look like he’s missed too many Big Macs. Another person said, “Wow. The ones around my house are active on trash day but maybe a third of that size”. Imagine getting a chance to hunt one day and find a bear like this one roaming around. It’s hard to believe a black bear of this girth could be out and about. But he sure was on this day and Caleb is all smiles from ear to ear.

Black Bear Looks Like He Didn’t Miss Meal Time Too Much

This person wrote, “Me after my third helping of thanksgiving dinner”. Now people are coming in with the jokes here. We know that some hunters out there are probably drooling over seeing this bear captured. They go out all the time and wonder where the big catch is located. Hunters will be out looking for black bears like this one. Oh man, the hunt is on for another catch around this size. Obviously, people who follow this Instagram account for Field & Stream love their outdoors.

Here’s one more for the road. This person said, “Ate every picnic basket in the state.” We’re going to have to agree with this sentiment.