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Pilot Makes Epic Trek, Speaks out After Surviving Plane Crash

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images)

A Utah pilot is recovering after he survived not only a plane crash but also an epic trek of hiking for roughly two hours to get cell service. 

According to KSL, the pilot survived the plane crash, which occurred several miles up Cottonwood Canyon Road near Durst Mountain in Utah’s Morgan County on Sunday (November 27th). The aircraft originally took off from the Morgan County Airport in Mountain Green and was traveling to Idaho. 

The Mountain Green Fire Protection revealed in a Facebook post that the pilot miraculously walked away from the plane crash. The pilot then hiked six miles to get cell service in order to call 9-1-1. “Mountain Green firefighters arrived, assessed the wreckage, disabled the batteries, and addressed the fuel leak. Access to the site was difficult, on ATV roads most of the way. Weber Morgan 911 assisted in triangulation to locate the crash site. No injuries.”

Mountain Green Fire Chief Brian Brendel later told the media outlet that the pilot first called his son following the plane crash and hike. He was then told to call 9-1-1. Firefighters were notably dispatched between 4 and 5 p.m. “Normally with these situations, we have a great deal of difficulty finding the aircraft or the people,” the fire chief explained. “In this case, he just kind of got out of his plane, dusted himself off, and walked himself down this ATV road until he got into cell phone range.”

Fire Chief Then Said That the Plane Looked Like It Could Easily Fly Again After the Crash

Brendel then said that the pilot did a great job of bringing the plane down in one piece. “If you saw our Facebook post, you can see the aircraft is pretty much whole, so he did a really great job,” he explained. The fire chieftain joked that the plane was in good enough condition after the crash. He also pointed out that the fire department could even put wheels on it and it would fly right out of the crash site.

However, while the plane hadn’t been ripped apart during the crash, it was likely a total loss. Brendel also pointed out that the site where the crash occurred was in a recreation area that was mostly uninhabited. He then said the pilot had a couple of bumps and bruises. However, he wasn’t severely injured and refused medical services. The pilot Laos asked to be transported to the crash site to collect his personal belongings.

In regards to the pilot, Brendel added, “He’s pretty darn lucky. He shouldn’t play the lottery ever again.”

Investigators are currently investigating the plane crash and have yet to determine the cause. The aircraft will also more than likely need to be cut up and put on a truck to be removed.