Plane Crashes on California Freeway, Pilot and Passenger Narrowly Escape Fiery Wreckage

by Amy Myers

Traffic along California freeway 91 came to a halt when a small passenger plane crashed onto the asphalt. In a fiery explosion, the plane clattered to the ground, and somehow, both the pilot and the passenger managed to exit the craft before the flames took over.

The Main Idea:

  • The accident occurred in Corona, California on Tuesday, August 9
  • Both pilot and passenger survived the plane crash
  • The Federal Aviation Administration is currently investigating the cause of the crash

Earlier today, a driver on freeway 91 witnessed the aftermath of the plane crash, just as the flames began to engulf the craft.

At the start of the clip, huge black plumes of smoke emitted from the plane crash site. In fact, to bystanders that didn’t actually witness the incident, it may have seemed like the start of another wildfire. Soon enough, angry red flames came into view, leaving a long trail behind the plane.

Thankfully, this driver was on the other side of the divider, so they were able to pass the crash just in case the explosion sent any shrapnel flying. As they passed the downed plane, they caught the pilot and passenger fleeing from the craft. It appeared a few witnesses that had stopped to help were also on the scene.

Meanwhile, traffic quickly piled up behind the accident to both keep a safe distance and to watch the shocking display. The Federal Aviation Administration is still investigating the details of the plane crash.

Check out the footage from TMZ.

Florida Man Survives His Own Crash Landing After Plane Loses Power

In a similar, yet less fiery incident in North Carolina, a pilot managed to land his plane on a small, four-lane road with no injuries or impact damage to his craft.

On July 3, pilot Vincent Fraser and his father-in-law got a little closer when they stared down a deadly situation and lived to see the other side. After showing his wife’s father the land he had just purchased, Fraser realized that he lost power and knew he needed to make an emergency landing.

Thankfully, Fraser has had plenty of experience in the skies. As a former aviation maintenance technician in the US Marine Corps and a current flight attendant, he had plenty of training under his belt to help him in his dire situation.

Of course, training is nothing compared to the real thing.

Realizing just how much trouble they were in, Fraser offered an apology to his father-in-law.

“There was nowhere to land so … I think I told him I loved him and that I was sorry for putting him in the situation,” Fraser told the Associated Press.

As cars pulled to the side for the surprise aircraft, Fraser navigated the small road and prepared for landing. He flawlessly hit the ground and brought the plane to a stop.

“Now I know that I can do it and I can make it out alive and safe,” Fraser concluded.