Plane Transporting 56 Dogs, 3 People Crashes on Wisconsin Golf Course

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Nasir Kachroo/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

A dramatic rescue was taking place on a Wisconsin Golf Course. This comes after a plane carrying 3 people and more than 50 dogs came to a crashing stop on the course as a storm system moved into the area on Tuesday, November 15. The plane crash occurred as the transport aircraft was carrying the numerous rescue dogs that are up for adoption. The plane and its passengers flew through the area from the southeastern area of the United States when it crashed at a golf club in Wisconsin.

The Plane Crash Occurred at a Delafield, Wisconsin Golf Club, and Dozens of Dogs Have Been Triaged

The plane crash occurred when the aircraft hit complications. The aircraft was seen careening down to the ground on the golf course’s back green at the Western Lakes Golf Club in Delafield, Wisconsin.

According to reports, the crashed plane landed on a Wisconsin golf course. Crashing into multiple trees as it came to a stop. The aircraft’s wings were cut off in the process, reports say.

Thankfully, there were no life-threatening injuries reported as a result of the crash. This includes the dozens of rescue pups. Three people on board at the time of the incident were also safe. Each one of the adoptable pups involved in the airplane crash was looked over by local veterinarians. They were all triaged by Waukesha Wisconsin animal officials.

According to the experts at the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, the animals will all stay under observation for at least a few days. However, the officials hope that each one of the resues will be ready for adoption by next week. The dogs on the plane were part of a planned transfer program that partners with rescue agencies across the country to help ensure the pets find their forever homes. Something that some recently rescued animals found after being rescued from dangerous living conditions in a Maryland roadside zoo.

Rescuers Save 71 animal From Dangerous Conditions At A Small Maryland Zoo

According to reports, multiple animals including at least 12 emaciated and neglected bears and other features at this roadside show were welcomed into a big cat and bear sanctuary in San Diego sanctuary known as the Lions Tigers & Bears sanctuary.

The founder of the animal rescue sanctuary, Bobbi Brink, notes that the conditions at the zoo were truly horrifying.

“It was worse than we could have imagined,” she told recalls.

“Their enclosure was shockingly filthy,” the director adds. “The water in their pool area had turned to black sludge.”