Police Capture ‘Big Ol’ Hog’ Running Loose in Colorado Neighborhood

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Andrew Matthews/PA Images via Getty Images)

Police in Colorado responded to an odd situation. The Aurora Police Department rescued a hog that was spotted running loose in a local neighborhood.

The department wrote in their Facebook post that the “big ol’ hog” was reported running loose in the South Eagle Court area on Sunday night. District 3 officers promptly responded to the area.

The officers found the pig feasting on fallen apples in the neighborhood. Then, they “were able to safely scoop up the hog and take it to a warm place for the evening,” the post said.

The pig was taken to the Aurora Animal Shelter. Police then said the animal’s owner was located Monday.

However, it’s not surprising this wasn’t a feral hog.

The Colorado Parks & Wildlife declared in 2020 that all known feral swine had been eliminated from the state. Colorado became the first state in the country to do so, reportedly.

“We believe we’re the first state that has a feral swine issue to successfully eradicate,” said Bill Vogrin, Public Information Officer for CPW’s Southeast Region.

Feral swine were first noticed in Colorado in the 1970s, per Vogrin. However, by the early 2000s, two large populations were thriving in his portion of the state. One herd in the Big Creek Creek drainage through Cheyenne and Kiowa counties numbered 250 animals. Then, another group in the Cimarron River drainage of Baca County had grown to 100 head.

Officials trapped, euthanized, and hunted the animals from aircraft, Vogrin said. They also gave hunters “open season” permission to shoot the swine on sight.

Feral Hogs in New Zealand Have Become Unsettling Problem

Feral pigs have become an increasingly unsettling problem in New Zealand’s capital, where a suburb has dealt with the unwanted hogs’ advances. Reportedly, according to The Guardian, the pigs have been “killing kid goats at an urban farm, intimidating dogs and turning up in residents’ gardens.”

Owners of a goat milk farm in the suburb of Brooklyn (about 10 minutes from Wellington), has lost tons of kid goats to the pigs recently: a total of 60 goats have been slaughtered.

They report that oftentimes, not much is left of the goats other than a mess of bones.

“It’s a murder scene,” said Naomi Steenkamp, the farm’s co-owner. “If they find something they like eating, and it is a free feed – like a newborn kid – they are going to keep coming back.”

Wellington City Council confirmed that the feral pig population in the suburb of Brooklyn has gotten worse recently. Brooklyn lies in front of farmland and many forested areas where the feral pigs live.

New Zealand’s feral pig population dates back to the colonial era. However, now they live in roughly a third of the country. They often damage native ecosystems and pastures. They’re known to kill newborn animals frequently, and they also carry bovine diseases.

Last month, Steenkamp’s husband, Frans, shot and killed a boar. The 265-lb boar had broken through their fence and reached within twenty yards of their house. The couple reports it’s the biggest animal they’ve encountered in their time farming.