Police Officer Faces Intense Backlash After Skinning, Eating Protected Crocodile Species

by Tia Bailey
Photo by DEA / G.SIOEN/De Agostini via Getty Images

A cop from Mexico has received a lot of backlash. The police officer had skinned and eaten a protected crocodile species, and shared the images on social media.

The reptile was an 11.5-foot Morelet’s crocodile. This specific species of crocodile is protected in Mexico. However, when the cop and his friends saw it swimming in a river, they decided to kill it anyway.

Advocacy group Animal Heroes spoke to Jam Press about the situation.

“Animal abuse must be condemned throughout Mexico,” they said.

According to Animal Heroes, the crocodile hunters, with at least one police officer, “captured the crocodile, killed it, and later cooked it.” As if the act itself wasn’t enough, the group then took disturbing photos of the skinned reptile on Facebook, and boasted about what they had done.

“We cannot and should never continue to take advantage of animals,” Animal Heroes said.

A similar situation happened a few weeks ago in New Mexico, when a poacher beheaded a mule deer. Technically, the act was committed in 2015, but the poacher, Cody W. Davis, has finally been charged.

Davis, who is from North Dakota, intentionally shot the deer, then beheaded and hid it. Officials finally caught him when he returned home with the head.

“Davis, originally from Lindrith, N.M., has an extensive history of game law violations in New Mexico dating back to 2000,” a press release from the New Mexico Department of Fish and Game reads.

This, combined with the current offense, angered many.

“The investigation required nearly 2,000 officer hours, over 25,000 miles driven, and numerous search warrants conducted in two states,” the Los Alamos Daily Post wrote.

Thankfully, Davis is now being charged $74,000 for his crime against the deer.

Man Escapes Crocodile That Was Eyeing Him Up While Swimming

Last week, a man swimming had an unexpected encounter with a crocodile.

According to the Daily Mail, police had to come rescue the man, whose way to shore was being blocked by the reptile.

“[His] escape plan was prevented by a rather large inquisitive adult crocodile who was stalking him,” Northern Watch Commander Mick Fields said.

Officials went right for the man, opting to take him out of the water than approach the crocodile.

 “Water Police members were called out and able to rescue the distressed male from becoming dinner,” Field shared.

This is unfortunately not something unusual for the area. Crocodiles often show up to swimmers in the water at Nightcliff Jetty. Thankfully, the man was able to make it out safely. It was reported that the man swam out while the tide was low, and assumed he would be able to make it back to shore without any issues.

“Fortunately on this occasion due to the swift response of police members a situation was avoided,” Fields said.