Police Respond to Burglary Report, Discover the ‘Suspect’ Is a Wild Coyote

by Megan Molseed

Some Colorado deputies had a wild time recently when they found themselves facing an unusual burglary suspect during a call to a private residence. As the Weld County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call regarding a burglary in progress at an area home, they soon learned that their burglar was anything but the usual suspect. Instead, the offending party was a “wiley” wild coyote!

Deputies In One Colorado County Come Face To Face With Unusual ‘Suspect’

The local Sheriff’s Office received a call about an in-progress break-in at a home in Brighton Colorado last week, OutThere Colorado reports. However, the deputies weren’t exactly prepared for what they were about to find as they entered the private residence.

When the reporting party returned home Thursday evening, they knew something was amiss. First, the residents noticed there was a broken window to the home. Next, however, things got a bit sketchier. Upon entering the home, the residents heard noises coming from the basement, prompting them to make a call to the officers.

“Deputies enter the home,” the Sherrif’s Department reports of the incident. The officer’s statement goes on to note that the deputies “made [an] announcement and searched the basement.”

However, the statement continues, “no suspects were found.”

But soon, the officers would come face to face with the real culprit, a wayward wild coyote.

“A deputy returned to the basement with the homeowners,” the statement reads.

“Who heard scratching coming from a utility room,” the release continues.

Colorado Officers Capture The Bandit Whom They Have Dubbed “Wile E. Coyote” After Responding To A Burglary Call

As the Colorado Sheriff’s deputies continued their search of the Brighton Colorado home, they look closer into the utility room from where the home’s resident’s heard “scratching” sounds. This further investigation led the deputies to look behind a water heater where the “wiley” coyote was taking cover.

According to reports, the coyote is believed to have entered the home through a window earlier in the evening. However, it soon became trapped inside the residence. The Sheriff’s deputies quickly contacted officials trained to work with wild animals in cases such as this one.

“Deputies called Colorado Parks and Wildlife for guidance,” the report notes.

“And the Brighton Police Department provided an officer with a catch pole,” the statement adds.

“Wile E. Coyote was fished out from behind the water heater and released, unharmed,” the officers report. “To a field behind the house.”