Pre-Teen Passes Away After Being Shot by Uncle in Hunting Accident

by Samantha Whidden
Getty Images

A 12-year-old boy has passed away at a Twin Cities area hospital after being seriously wounded when his uncle shot him in a hunting accident. 

According to Valley News, the hunting accident occurred in rural Motley, Minnesota. Cass County Sheriff Tom Burch revealed that on Sunday (October 9th) at approximately 8:20 a.m., the police department received a report of an incident in Moose Lake Township. Deputies arrived on the scene and discovered that a family from St. Paul was hunting squirrels in the area. When the 12-year-old was accidentally shot by his uncle. 

First responders initiated first aid and carried the child to a nearby roadway to meet EMS personnel. The boy was then taken by helicopter to a Twin Cities area hospital with a life-threatening injury. However, on Tuesday (October 11th), Sheriff Burch announced the boy had passed away. An autopsy will be conducted by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office. 

The media outlet further reported that the investigation into the situation indicates that it was a hunting accident. It remains under investigation. The boy’s name has not been publicly released.

South Carolina DNR Says 13-Year-old Was Hurt in Darlington County Hunting Incident 

The accident in Minnesota happened less than a week after a South Carolina DNR that a 13-year-old was reportedly hurt during a Darlington County hunting accident. 

As previously reported, on Saturday (October 1st) around 5 p.m. the boy was hurt when a gun accidentally went off while he and another boy were out hunting doves. DNR spokesman, Greg Lucas, revealed that the teenager was flown to the Medical University of South Carolina hospital in Charleston. He is expected to recover from his injuries. 

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources is investigating the hunting incident. In response, the agency continues to remind hunters to practice hunting ethics while out in the woods. 

“Hunters must agree to treat the outdoors, the activities we are participants in, and each other with respect,” the DNR website states. “The future of hunting belongs to those who are willing to accept full responsibility for their actions. Sportsmen accept responsibility not only for their actions but also for perpetuating wildlife and maintaining a high caliber of sportsmanship.” 

South Carolina’s DNR further encourages hunters to know exactly how their gun works before going on a hunting trip. “Maintain your equipment so it functions properly and does not pose a safety threat,” the agency shared. “Shoot only when absolutely certain of your target and make every effort to locate crippled or lost game.” 

It’s also noted that those who are hunting do not drink any alcohol. Mixing alcohol and guns is a dangerous combination. This is an obvious rule of ethics, but definitely a reminder on the DNR website.