President Biden Issues Dire Warning to Floridians As Hurricane Ian Nears Landfall

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

With Hurricane Ian about to make landfall in Florida after completely ravaging Cuba, President Joe Biden issued a dire warning to Floridians about heeding officials’ warnings, reminding Americans that this storm is “incredibly dangerous.”

Speaking at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, Biden said, “This storm is incredibly dangerous, to state the obvious. It’s life-threatening. You should obey all warnings and directions from emergency officials.”

Per his statement, that means not to “take anything for granted” and “Use their judgment, not yours.” He further ordered Americans in Florida, “Evacuate when ordered. Be prepared. Storm warnings are real, the evacuation notices are real, [and] the danger is real.”

According to CNN, Biden spoke with state and local officials, including several mayors reigning over cities affected by Hurricane Ian, as well as with FL governor, Ron Desantis. The outlet specifically states the president has been in “constant contact” with DeSantis.

Biden has also already approved the deployment of numerous emergency response agencies and funds. The president continued his Wednesday statement, “My message has been absolutely clear: It’s that we are on alert and in action through every request Florida has made for temporary assistance, emergency assistance, long term assistance that I received.”

The outlet further reported that multiple agencies and rescue teams have mobilized in FL ahead of Hurricane Ian’s approach. These include hundreds of personnel from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). They also involve thousands of National Guard members as well as search and rescue teams. FEMA has clean water, food, generators, and shelters prepped as Floridians prepare for the worst.

Viral Clip Shows Massive Waves in Key West Ahead of Hurricane Ian’s Approach

Hurricane Ian isn’t predicted to make landfall until later Wednesday. However, that same morning onlookers in Key West recorded massive waves already pounding the Sunshine State.

Murky brown water and whitecaps make for a dramatic scene. Seawater already covers local streets and can definitely make travel conditions dicey to say the least. In the clip, a black Jeep Wrangler and SUV can be seen navigating the flooded overlook. Meanwhile, the cameraman takes in the small group of people brazen enough to be exposed to the approaching storm.

“Is this really worth the risk?!?” one viewer asked as onlookers gawked at Hurricane Ian’s massive waves. Another said, “What people do for social media smh.”

Others shared thoughts and prayers for Floridians bound to be affected by Hurricane Ian.

“May the people there be safe,” a concerned viewer said. Another worried Instagram user added, “Praying for the Florida People.”

Hurricane Ian was already a massive storm when it slammed into Cuba but now, forecasters predict there’s a chance the storm system, a Category 4, is on the verge of becoming a Category 5 monster, with wind speeds reaching 155 miles per hour and bringing with it life-threatening storm surges.