Remains of Elk Hunter Missing Since 2019 Believed To Be Found in Wyoming

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Chris Rogers/Getty Images)

The remains of an elk hunter who went missing in 2019 were believed to be found in Wyoming. On Oct. 16, a group of hunters found a firearm underneath a pile of vegetation. This discovery led to an investigation in the area, and authorities believe they’ve found the remains of the missing hunter.

Elk hunter Mark Strittmater disappeared on Oct. 19, 2019 during a snowstorm in the Medicine Bow National Forest. He was last seen at a convenience store in Saratoga, Wyoming before he headed into the forest.

The search and rescue teams that looked for Strittmater after he was reported missing were delayed by heavy snow. They searched for him for more than a week before the weather conditions became too much. According to a member of the original search and rescue team, the remains recently found were much farther away from where they initially searched.

The hunters who found the firearm contacted a Wyoming Game and Fish Department warden. The warden then called in the sheriff’s department and the county coroner. Police officials and authorities from the University of Wyoming Department of Anthropology and the Wyoming State Archaeologist’s Office partook in the recent search.

This search uncovered personal belongings, in addition to partial human remains, according to a report from Field and Stream. There was a subsequent search on Oct. 20 that uncovered more remains and belongings. Authorities are waiting on analysis of the remains to determine if they are Strittmater.

“They’re [also] looking to see if they can find any additional items,” said Carbon County Sheriff Archie Roybal. “I’m not going to say I’m a hundred percent sure that that is [Strittmater]. We’re trying to make sure that we can do confirmation through scientific analysis.”

Duck Hunter Finds Human Remains in Indiana, Police Begin Investigation

A duck hunter discovered human remains while hunting in a marsh area of Griffith, Indiana, recently, and investigators are looking into it. The hunter found what looked to be bone sticking out of a piece of cloth in the marsh. They called the police, and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office dive team searched the marsh and recovered the remains.

Investigators confirmed that the remains were human but only partial. Though, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, investigators don’t have any leads on the identity of the deceased person. There is also no clear cause of death.

Human remains have also recently been found in Florida and Texas. Skeletal remains were found in Tallahasse that investigators believe belonged to a father of four who went missing a year ago.

In Houston, a family found the skeletal remains of a relative whom they hadn’t heard from since February of this year. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez tweeted that the family conducted a welfare check and found the remains of an older male relative who lived in the house with his wife.