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Rescuers Pull Bull Elk Out of Mud Pit Using A Four-Wheeler

by Brett Stayton
(Photo by -XRay-/Getty Images)

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a four-wheeler and a can-do attitude. For example, rescuing a bull elk from a mud pit.

It was a dire situation for the young bull. The whole ordeal could have turned out fatal if not for assistance from wildlife officers with Colorado Parks & Wildlife. According to The State, the situation unfolded on December 5. It took place near a volcanic field in the San Juan Mountains in Southwestern Colorado.

Wildlife Officers Use Four-Wheeler To Pull Elk From Mudhole

Colorado Parks & Wildlife, the agency tasked with managing conflicts like this within the state, shared footage of the incident through a series of Tweets, which read:

“We’ve got a muddy wildlife rescue to share with you today! This is a young bull elk that found itself stuck in a deep mud hole on Dec. 5 near La Garita.

Wildlife officer William Miedema took a call from the Forest Service about this bull being stuck. Miedema and fellow wildlife officer Tyler Cerny responded to the area and found the young bull elk stuck up to its neck in mud and unable to get out. Miedema and Cerny made an attempt to pull the elk out by hand grasping onto its antlers. But the weight of the animal was too much. After a few failed attempts, it was decided to use a four-wheeler and two ratchet straps to assist in the effort.

The officers wrapped the straps around the base of the antlers and hooked them to the back of the ATV. After a few attempts and readjusting, they were able to successfully rescue the elk! We want to thank the forest service for reporting this animal in distress and our wildlife officers for their quick thinking. It was a difficult task, but they got it out! Good luck out there, young bull!”

It’s Not The First Elk To Find Itself In A Predicament

This young bull from Colorado isn’t the only elk to find itself in an unusual predicament in recent memory. In another case earlier this fall, a cow elk got stuck in a snowy trampoline and had to be rescued. Additionally, this monster bull also had a run-in with a deer decoy. It even had the foam prop lodged on its antlers in more video footage that had the internet laughing. A different bull elk needed help getting untangled from being caught up in some netting. Likewise, there was also another bull elk with a swing stuck in its antlers. Perhaps the funniest of all the elk-related predicaments though is this incident that involved a big bull with some lady’s bra stuck in his antlers.