RV Rams Through Colorado Donut Shop, Sends Patron Flying Across Room

by Sean Griffin

An RV mowed through a donut shop in Lakewood, Colorado on Monday morning. Two people were injured in the incident, according to officials from West Metro Fire in Lakewood.

The accident occurred at Winchell’s Donut House around 7:00 a.m. The driver of the motorhome was transported to the hospital with unspecified injuries.

According to official accounts of the incident, a man inside the donut shop was “directly hit” by the vehicle. The impact launched the man across the room. However, when fire crews and paramedics arrived, the man remained conscious and could speak to responders. They reported his injuries as “non life-threatening.”

Moreover, a dog was discovered in the RV. However, fortunately, the dog was uninjured in the accident. Lakewood Animal Control currently holds custody of the canine.

Authorities have yet to release the cause of the crash to the media.

To view a photo of the incident, click here. The photo depicts an older model mobile home wedged inside the donut house. Debris covers the parking lot and the top of the vehicle. A firefighter walks in front of the wreckage in the picture.

Fortunately, it seems none of the injuries suffered appear life-threatening. Authorities currently conduct an investigation on the incident.

Rocky Mountain National Park Increases RV Fees

Obviously, Lakewood is one of hundreds of RV-friendly locations in the great state of Colorado. However, Rocky Mountain National Park recently announced a price increase in their camping and vehicle pass fees.

The park states the changes are to improve and maintain visitor services. They increased the fees for one-day vehicle passes as of May 27, 2022. The passes increased from $25 to $30. However, the changes for camping fees have yet to go into effect. These changes will start on October 12, and the camping fees increase $10 from $20 a night to $30 per night. Also, summer campground fees will increase from $30 to $35 per night.

The park states that all other park fees, including the RMNP seven-day pass and the annual pass, will remain the same.

Previously, the park reached out to the public for a comment on an increase in fees to help protect the park and improve services for guests. Even though money is tight these days, the public responded with overwhelming support for the increased prices.

“Park staff are committed to keeping Rocky Mountain National Park affordable and providing all visitors with the best possible experience,” the park stated in an official release. “This fee increase is still an incredible value when considering other comparable family and recreational experiences.”

In addition to the $5 increase for nightly fees, group fees will also see a $10 bump in each tier. This simply means that the new group camping costs will be $50/$60/$70 per night, depending on the group size.