Shark Bite Victim Recalls the Harrowing Attack: ‘I Definitely Saw the Mouth’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Gianrigo MARLETTA / AFP)

Days after surviving a shark attack off the Del Mar shore, California resident Lyn Jutronich opens up about her terrifying experience. 

While speaking to WBTV from her hospital bed, Jutronich said she swam competitively in college and swims in the ocean two or three times a week. As she and her swim partner were resting in the water on Friday (November 4th) before heading back to shore. However, she felt something slam into her. 

“I felt a huge, like a really hard hit,” Jutronich said. “Like right between my legs. It hurt and it pushed me up and out of the water.”

She then said she immediately knew and had no doubts that she was having a scary shark encounter. “I saw it clamp on my leg,” Jutronich recalled. “So I don’t know if I saw it bite my leg or I saw it after it bit my leg, but I definitely saw the mouth. It was on my right leg, and it shook once, kind of like a dog, and then it let me go.” 

As she came out of the water, Jutronich told her swim partner exactly what happened. “I’ve just been bit,” she recalled telling her partner. “We’ve got to get into shore.” 

Jutronich also said that her partner already knew that she was bit because he saw something had a hold of her. “He said he saw the water agitate, he saw me kind of twist around, and then, he saw the fin in the back of the shark.” 

After swimming back to shore, lifeguards and emergency crews rushed Jutronich to the hospital. She shared that she received stitches for puncture and laceration wounds to her upper right thigh. Following the encounter, Del Mar Beach was closed. Signs were also posted about the shark attack. 

Shark Attack Victim is Using Humor to Help Heal 

Meanwhile, Jutronich spoke about how she’s using humor to help her heal after the shark attack. “My friend did send me an article that said I should buy a Powerball ticket,” she joked. “Because apparently, the chances of winning the Powerball right now are less than being attacked by a shark, so I’ve got that going for me.”

Jutronich admits she hasn’t decided if she’ll ever swim in the ocean again. She’s now remaining focused on her recovery. Jon Edelbrock, lifeguard chief for the city of Del Mar, also spoke to AP about Jutronich’s shark attack recovery. 

Edelbrock also said that it could have been a juvenile white shark that attacked Jutronich. However, officials are waiting on confirmation from specialists. But Edelbrock’s observation is due to juvenile white sharks often swimming off Del Mar’s shoreline. “She had a diligent swim buddy,” Edelbrock declared. “They both maintained composure quite well.”

The Del Mar Beach was closed for at least 48 hours due to the city’s shark bite protocol.