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Shot Bald Eagle Dies During Surgery

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Adam Jones

After someone shot a bald eagle shot in Wisconsin, surgeons did everything they could to save the bird. Sadly, the bald eagle died during surgery, according to the Wisconsin Humane Society on Tuesday.

Authorities are still seeking information from the public about who is responsible for shooting the adult male bird. The bald eagle was first found on Dec. 7 on someone’s private land outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The eagle was found suffering a broken beak, a fractured humerus bone, and a significant wound to muscle and other soft tissues in the eagle’s wing.

Although the bald eagle survived its first round of surgeries on Thursday, sadly, it went into cardiac arrest on Monday night. Employees at the Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Milwaukee said the animal required “a complex and specialized surgery to stabilize his fracture and further treat his injuries.”

“Despite lifesaving efforts, including CPR, he was unable to be resuscitated,” the Humane Society said about the bird’s heartbreaking passing. “We are mourning the loss of this eagle alongside our community.”

In America, Bald Eagles as well as their nests are protected under federal laws such as the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. On Monday, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requested the public give them any information about who is responsible for shooting the eagle.

Investigation underway for criminal who poisoned bald eagles

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, wildlife agencies are investigating a recent mass poisoning of bald eagles at a St. Paul landfill. Earlier this month, authorities located 13 ill eagles. At this time, three of those eagles have sadly died from the poisoning. Now, it’s a fight to keep the ten other eagles alive at the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota.

In a bizarre incident, the birds were poisoned after scavenging on dead animals in the landfill. Local police later found the first poisoned eagle on Dec. 4. Afterward, they immediately called the Raptor Center and a group of volunteers came out to the landfill. After hours of searching, they discovered 11 more eagles.

“Our volunteers walked the grounds for hours, making sure they could find every bird possible,” said an official with the center.

According to officials, one of the creatures contracted avian bird flu after they brought it to the center. Sadly, it later died. Currently, two others have lead poisoning, leading to their prolonged recovery.

“When these eagles came in they were extremely sedate, some of them almost comatose,” she said.

According to doctors, someone filled the carcasses in the landfill with a chemical known as pentobarbital— a fatal solution used by vets to put down pets.

Despite the tragedy, the center hopes it can release the remaining birds back into their natural habitat in the next two weeks. “They’re starting to object to their medical treatments and get feisty, which is exactly how bald eagles should be, so we’re optimistic at their chances,” they said.