Six Injured After Massive Wave Slams Miami Beach Boardwalk

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)

Six Miami Beach visitors were injured when a monster wave slammed into the boardwalk in the early hours of Friday morning. 

According to the NY Post, a shocking video revealed the moments when the wave crashed into Miami Beach’s South Pointe Park boardwalk. The massive wave sent several visitors into the water. It also dragged a couple of them out to sea. It was noted that at least two people went over a railing and into the Government Cut channel. The wave was also so strong that a man swept across the boardwalk. 

Although Ocean Rescue units were able to jump into the water to recover Miami Beach boardwalk visitors, some of the rescuers were injured in the process. “The current is pulling out,” one surfer who observed the situation stated. “There is no way to swim in. The lifeguard really saved me and got hurt in the process, he did, and I really appreciate it, man.” 

It was reported the six people injured were taken to a nearby hospital. It was noted that some of the injuries included cuts on arms and legs. There was also a head injury. 

After the situation on the boardwalk, Miami Beach raised the red flags and closed the shore to the public. Miami Beach Fire also shared on Twitter that a high surf advisory was in effect. “Swimming and surfing conditions are dangerous. Please stay out of the water for your own safety and the safety of our Ocean Rescue Lifeguards.” 

Meanwhile, the Miami Beach boardwalk was closed off for the remainder of the day. 

Miami Beach Local Says The Boardwalk Incident is the First Time They Have Seen ‘This Level of Turbulence’ Before 

While speaking to Local 10, one resident of Miami Beach spoke about what happened on the boardwalk on Friday. 

“I have lived here since 2013 and this is the time I’ve seen this level of turbulence, debris, and wave action,” they said. A surfer also said, “You just got [to] be safe, especially with these waves.

World Nation News further reports that while the southeast coast of Florida is the least impacted area by Hurricane Ian, the storm did produce tides that raise sea levels by 1 to 2 feet above normal. Area resident, Williams Schachte tells News 7 Miami that he couldn’t believe what he saw when the waves crashed into the boardwalk. “I have never seen the water this turbulent ever,” he shared. Another eyewitness, Tim Carr shared that he was kind of shocked when it happened. “It’s kind of the perfect between king tides this month and, I think, the remnants of Ian.” 

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue spokesperson Erika Benitez said, “It is highly recommended that beachgoers understand the dangers associated with king tide, like rip currents and high surf conditions.”