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Small New Hampshire Dog Somehow Survives Vicious Encounter With Mama Bear, Two Cubs

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ alkimsarac)

A New Hampshire dog is facing serious injuries after a dangerous attack by a mama bear and two cubs. The dog somehow escaped the attack with its life. However, the cabinet is facing traumatic injuries as a result of the encounter.

According to reports, Goffstown New Jersey man Jim Hurley let his pup, Toby outside Saturday night. Not long after this, the dog was attacked by the wild animals. According to the pup’s owner, the three bears came into his backyard from a nearby wooded area. The bears entered the yard in an area near the property’s trash cans, Hurley notes.

The Homeowner Heard “Rustling” And Growling” Just Before The Bear Attack

According to Jim Hurley, the bears had entered his yard just before he and Toby stepped outside. Hurley remembers hearing unusual sounds in the backyard that he went to go check on, just before the attack.

“I heard this rustling and growling and stuff,” the New Hampshire man recalls.

“So I walked up towards here to see what it was,” he continues. Jim Hurley adds that it was at about that spot that the animals confronted him.

Hurley remembers how Toby responded to the unwelcome visitors to the yard, and the bears reacted with an attack. The bears also lept in his direction, the New Hampshire man recalls. However, his injuries weren’t nearly as bad as Toby’s. Hurley was fortunate to escape the attack with a few bruises and scratches. Toby, however, was rushed to the Rockingham Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Windham.

Toby Suffered Blood Loss In The Attack, But He Is Starting To Heal Up

According to Hurley Toby is starting to eat and drink well after spending a few days healing. The attack resulted in Toby bleeding quite a bit.

“I’m looking toward the quality of life,” Hurley says of Toby.

“That’s what comes first,” the New Hampshire dog owner relates. “My focus is him.”

Fish and Game officials that responded to the reports of the bear attack note that it was a mama sow and her two cubs that attacked little Toby. And, the officials note, the bear was acting normal in this instance, thinking she was protecting her own young cubs.

“She’s going to protect her young,” says Lt. Adam Cheney with Fish and Game. “The dog came, she felt threatened.”

Fish and Game officials are reminding residents that it’s important to avoid leaving any food outside this time of year. This means pet foods and bird feeders as well. While attacks such as this one are rare, they can easily happen if a bear is scouring the area for food.

“The bears just like with any other animal once they get to an area they’re being fed constantly they become territorial,” Fish and Game experts note. “So they will try to protect that.”