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Small Plane Crashes Into Maryland Powerlines, Traps Occupants 100 Feet Up: PHOTO

by Craig Garrett
High voltage electricity tower. - stock photo

A small plane collided with powerlines in Montgomery County, Maryland, resulting in temporary power outages for some residents. This incident occurred about 25 miles outside of the DC area. Officials report that a pilot and two passengers are left stranded “a hundred feet in the air” following a crash at Rothbury Drive and Goshen Road.

“[The people] appear to be OK at this time but the problem is, they are dangling about a hundred feet in the air and everything is still energized,” PIO Pete Piringer explained. “These are some main power transition lines in the area. We have our hazmat teams here, along with others.”

The accident has resulted in a citywide loss of power, CBS News reports. An image of the crash has been shared on Twitter.

Upon the arrival of emergency personnel, it was found that though the airplane crash victims were uninjured. However, they remained suspended approximately one hundred feet above ground.The crash also caused a widespread loss of power across the state, with outage maps displaying that over 85,000 customers were without electricity as of 6:30 pm. Emergency personnel scrambled to put together a rescue plan. Several nearby roads remain closed off.

There have been reports of outages in Wheaton, Olney, Gaithersburg, and Silver Spring. Drivers must be aware of dark traffic signals. For the latest road conditions, see WTOP’s traffic page or listen to updates every 10 minutes online or on 103.5 FM. Outages near the Shady Grove Metro station are affecting commuters, causing Red Line delays.

Authorities confirmed that a private plane came into contact with Pepco’s transmission lines

PEPCO tweeted around 7 p.m. “We have confirmed that a private plane came into contact with Pepco’s transmission lines in Montgomery County. Resulting in an outage to around 85,000 customers. We are assessing the damage and working closely with Montgomery County Fire and Emergency Services. “We are awaiting clearance to the scene before crews can begin work to stabilize the electric infrastructure and begin restoring service.”

“If you are experiencing an outage, please report it at pepco.com/outage, our mobile app, or by texting OUT to 48710.”

Montgomery County contains the highest population in Maryland, as shown by the 2020 census which counted 1,062,061 residents. This number reflects a 9.3% increase from the 2010 numbers. The county’s busiest municipality is Rockville- although Germantown takes the cake for being the most populous place within Montgomery County.

In Montgomery County, the average household income is among the highest in the United States. Additionally, 29.2% of residents over 25 years of age hold post-graduate degrees – one of the highest percentages in the country. Like other inner-suburban Washington, D.C., counties, Montgomery County contains many major U.S government offices and scientific research centers as well as business campuses.