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Snake Gives Man Small Bite, But One That Almost Kills Him

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Auscape/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Friday (November 25) began as a day like any other. Gunter Glasser, an experienced snake handler from Darling Downs Snake Catchers 24/7, received a call from a local resident concerned about a snake lurking around their yard.

The occasional creepy crawly is nothing new for Australia, but this was an eastern brown snake, capable of delivering one of the deadliest bites on earth. Not exactly something you want to risk accidentally stepping on while mowing the grass. Not to mention, deadly critters have demonstrated on countless occasions that they have no qualms about entering a family home uninvited.

So, Gunter Glasser packed up his equipment and made his way to the small rural town of Oakey. As usual, his two-part plan was simple: catch the venomous snake and relocate it to a safer location. As he worked to execute part one, however, the eastern brown snake lunged unexpectedly, sinking its poison-drenched fangs into Glasser’s index finger.

“It was just too fast for me,” the snake catcher explained to 9News. “You’re always watching for what they can do, but this one was just too fast.”

Looking down at his hand in shock, Glasser saw that the snake bite was tiny, causing very little bleeding and no pain. The seemingly mild injury didn’t fool him, however. The snake handler knew all too well that he had mere hours before the venom now coursing through his veins took this life. And before that time, he would suffer immensely, the poison causing nausea, kidney injury, dangerously low blood pressure, and possibly even seizures.

But Gunter Glasser is a dedicated professional (arguably excessively so). He finished the job before seeking aid, placing a pressure bandage on his hand to contain the venom and calling paramedics after bagging and safely containing the enraged reptile.

Snake Handler Has No Memory of the Deadly Snake Bite’s Effects

After rushing Gunter Glasser to the hospital with far more urgency than the snake handler placed on his own treatment, medical personnel removed the pressure bandage, at which point the venom continued its lethal journey through his body, causing horrific symptoms as it spread. Thankfully, however, Glasser doesn’t remember a single moment of the ordeal following the snake bite itself.

“The doctor said I was extremely confused and didn’t know what had happened,” Glasser explained. “I had extreme nausea, vomiting, headaches, terrible kidney pain. But I don’t remember any of it.”

On Saturday morning, the snake handler awoke from his near-death experience thinking it was still Friday. Though he’s in far better condition than he was before doctors administered anti-venom, medical staff still fear for his life due to the immense damage the snake bite inflicted on his heart and kidneys.

Gunther Glasser is lucky to be alive. Many victims of the eastern brown snake’s bite don’t even know they’re bitten because of the lack of pain. Only when the grisly symptoms set in do they realize they’re in danger. But what most would describe as a harrowing incident has hardly phased Glasser at all.

Though he admits he was “a little bit anxious” while he waited for paramedics, he plans to return to work as soon as he’s discharged from the hospital. “As soon as I feel okay,” he said. “If I go home this afternoon, I’ll be back at work tomorrow.”