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Snake on Plane Causes Huge Delays at Major Global Airport

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Byronsdad

Airport officials at Dubai International Airport were horrified when they discovered a snake hiding in a plane’s cargo hold. As a result, the airport faced major delays and disruption.

After the frightening discovery, fire officials responded to the scene and worked to remove the snake that wanted to hitch a ride. After they removed the snake, officials fumigated the entire Air India Express aircraft. At the time, the snake species has not been confirmed.

Before, the plane had flown in from Calicut International Airport in Kerala, India. The airport is also one of the busiest airports in the country.

According to reports, passengers at the airport were delayed for several hours. During their delay, many aired out their grievances via social media. “Snake in cargo, so we’re stuck in Dubai for 7 hours now,” wrote one annoyed passenger.

Another person wrote that their mother had been trapped at the airport for two days.

Snake incident in Dubai highlights ongoing issue of animals hitching rides on planes

Finally, the aircraft was given the green light to leave the airport. By the end of the flight, all those on board safely got off the plane with no injuries.

Previously, the Kerala State Council for Science has said that the Indian city has a significant issue with snakes. According to Kerala’s forest minister, in the last five years, nearly 450 residents have passed away due to snakebites. In addition, about 3,000 people seek medical treatment for snakebites annually.

While it might be shocking to some, these figures make sense considering there are five common species of venomous snakes in the country. The Indian Cobra, King Cobra, Russell’s Viper, Saw-scaled viper, and the krait all call the region home.

In addition, this is hardly the first time authorities have found a snake hitchhiking on an airplane. Several months ago in October, employees at Newark International Airport in New Jersey found a garter snake in the aisle of a plane. Although the species is relatively harmless, the slithering serpent caused quite a commotion for the passengers on the plane. In addition, someone recently discovered a lurking python on an airplane.

In addition, in February, a Malaysian flight had to make an emergency landing after someone found a snake in a compartment. However, snakes aren’t the only creatures people have discovered on flights. In the past, airline employees have found a live tarantula and a bird that got trapped in the cabin of a plane during a flight from Belgium to the U.S.

After animals are found on an aircraft, protocol dictates that the plane must be fumigated to make sure other stowaways aren’t still on board. Of course, this procedure can cause major delays.