Solo Hiker Rescued by Two Anglers After Spending Four Days in Colorado Wilderness

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Xsandra

One hiker’s plan to rest and recharge in Colorado’s Steamboat Springs turned into a nightmare. However, it could’ve been much worse had it not been for two anglers.

When hiker Jiji Oh, a 50-year-old mom from Texas, arrived at the idyllic location in early October, she was looking to return to nature and use it as a self-care trip. After spending a day hiking close to town, the fitness instructor heard about the Devil’s Causeway, a narrow land bridge on a mountaintop. She decided to go for it and headed to the trailhead an hour away.

However, she lost cell service as she drove up a gravel road into the wilderness. But she remained optimistic. She then made her way alone to the top of the “causeway” and took in the majestic views of the surrounding mountains.

However, she had long since made a crucial error at this point: She hadn’t told anyone where she was going. Then, she made it even worse.

“The thing I didn’t know about [was that] you should come down the way you climb up,” she said. In contrast, she followed a small sign to a separate path and hiked down to the mountain’s base.

Then, after hiking and yelling for help, she noticed it started getting dark.

Lost hiker spends four nights in Colorado wild, then finds her ‘superheroes’

She used the flashlight on her phone to try to scare away wildlife— and even caught a glimpse of a bear. Soon, she bedded down, trying her best to stay warm.

The next day, things went from bad to worse when she still didn’t make it out the next day. So again, she had to stay another night in the woods. Then, another. When she reached day four, her hope was waning.

However, she remembers thinking: “I’m not gonna let it happen.” So she chose to make one last push to get out of there. At around 1 p.m. on that fourth day, she spotted a couple of dots in the distance. They turned out to be two fly fishermen.

Richard Grant was having a great fishing day when he heard something. When he looked up, it was a woman waving her arms and yelling for help. At first, his fishing buddy, Ned Skinner, thought this might be a prank.

“It’s very bizarre because we kind of make a point to go way out in the middle of nowhere where no one else is, and we never see anybody,” Skinner said.

Oh climbed down a hill and waded in the stream to meet them. Then came the emotion.

“I said, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you, and I’m so glad to see you.'” After they heard her harrowing story, the guys were dumbfounded but impressed she was still standing. “I mean, she was extremely distraught, but she looked pretty good for her experience,” Grant said.

The pair gave her water and their sandwiches and hiked back to where the men had parked. Then one drove her in her rental car back to her hotel. Grant and Skinner seem to think most people would have done the same, but to Oh, they’re superheroes.

“So they are here, forever in my heart,” she said.