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South Carolinians Stunned by 3 UFO Sightings in Late 2022

by Caitlin Berard
UFO Sighting in Night Sky (Digital Illustration)
(Photo by David Wall via Getty Images)

In the last 50 years, California has continuously dominated the country in UFO sightings. Californians spot double the alien spacecrafts of the next state (Florida) annually. That said, hundreds of UFO reports pour in from all over the country every year – in the final months of 2022 alone, South Carolinians saw at least three.

The first unexplained aerial phenomenon came from Edisto Island. While snapping photos at Botany Bay, the witness spotted a strange blue light in the sky. To their confusion, the light appeared in some photos but not all of them, despite the shots being identical.

The next was reported in Summerville just a week before Thanksgiving. This time, the witness was enjoying a fire outside of their home when they saw two orange lights flying above the house.

According to the witness, the eerie lights were flying low but quickly across the sky. They made no noise, nor did they blink or weave, they simply silently hovered among the stars. Then, just as the orange lights flew out of sight, three more appeared, flying in a triangular formation before disappearing behind the trees.

The third UFO sighting came from Holly Hill. Witnesses described the unsettling sight as a diamond-shaped figure hovering above one area before jerking upward. In an effort to capture the scene on film, the witness attempted photos and videos of the UFO, but they didn’t do the sighting justice.

Each sighting was reported to the National UFO Reporting Center, established in 1974 by UFO expert Robert J. Gribble. Since opening its doors, the center has processed more than 150,000 reports from all across the country.

South Carolinians Reported Nearly 50 UFO Sightings Last Year

The three UFO sightings from the Lowcountry were a mere fraction of the total number of strange occurrences to come out of South Carolina last year. The comprehensive list is closer to 50 – and that’s only reported sightings. Not everyone who spots a strange object in the sky calls the UFO Reporting Center to tell them so.

Many of these sightings can be attributed to atmospheric phenomena, drones, and other man-made objects. Some, however, remain wholly unexplained, leading countless to believe that aliens frequently roam the skies.

Throughout the year, the National UFO Reporting Center received reports of strange aerial sightings from 35 cities and towns across South Carolina. Irmo, Myrtle Beach, and Cross led the pack with three sightings each, and many other areas had two reports.

Since its inception, the UFO Reporting Center’s goal has always been “to receive, record and to the greatest degree possible, corroborate and document reports from individuals who have been witness to unusual, possibly UFO-related events.” As such, they dutifully documented each and every bizarre occurrence.

According to the Reporting Center’s database, South Carolina isn’t exactly a hotbed of alien activity. That said, it’s far from the quietest in terms of UFO sightings. In the last 50 years, South Carolinians have reported a total of 2,134 UFOs, placing the southeastern state 22nd in the country for UFO reports.