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Squirrel Knocks Out Power for Huge Number of Tennessee Citizens

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by RaÅid Necati Aslım/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Areas across the southeastern U.S. endured mass power outages Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. The outages came after deadly tornadoes impacted states including Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. However, in Tennessee, a massive number of one utility company’s customers lost power after a pesky squirrel infiltrated a substation.

UPI reports that one-third of Dickson Electric System’s customers lost power on Tuesday. The outage came when a “cute little squirrel” wreaked havoc on one of the company’s substations. The utility company addressed the massive, albeit brief, outage on Twitter.

Addressing the Tuesday morning power outage, Dickson Electric System wrote, “We don’t always lose power to nearly A THIRD of our customers all at the same time, but when we do, it’s usually related to an uninvited guest inside our substation.”

Fortunately, the squirrel only knocked out power to impacted Tennessee residents for a short time. In the second part of their post, the utility company revealed the squirrel did not survive its encounter with the TN substation.

They added that the squirrel “created a whole lot of chaos at our Dickson Sub. We won’t share the picture of the culprit (#RIP) but we’ve included a photo of the damage done to our substation by the little rascal.”

To their customers, they said, “Thank y’all for your patience + being the best!”

Oregon Squirrel Affects Power Outage Impacting Nearly 2,000

Aside from severe weather, squirrels are one of the most common causes of mass power outages in the U.S. Or, at least, it seems that way. Farther west, nearly 2,000 residents across Oregon lost power last month thanks to another overly curious squirrel.

On October 18th in East Salem, OR, 1,952 customers lost power after a squirrel impacted operations at Portland General Electric. Again, workers managed to get power restored to impact individuals rather quickly. However, it still highlights just how troublesome even the smallest of nature’s inhabitants can be in the day-to-day lives of humans.

Portland General Electric didn’t specify exactly how the troublesome squirrel impacted operations, however, it’s yet another incident in a string of squirrels sabotages at American electric plants. Earlier this fall, a third squirrel claimed the largest of the three power outages. Though we can’t be certain exactly how many Tennessee residents lost power on Tuesday, it likely doesn’t even equate to a power outage at the hands of a squirrel that took place in Minnesota earlier this fall.

Back in September, another of these rodents caused a mass power outage for residents in Minnesota. Showing up the Oregon and Tennessee squirrels, this particular troublemaker knocked out power for more than 9,000 people.

Meanwhile, customers in Texas seem to have a problem with raccoons, as a trio of these masked creatures not only affected outages in homes, but also messed with the functions of traffic lights.