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Study Reveals Scientists Reportedly Make ‘Wormhole’ Without Rupturing Time and Space

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

You could say that this is one “small step” for scientists and one giant step for mankind. According to reports, physicists have been able to create a theoretical wormhole. The physicists, reports note, have successfully created a wormhole and sent a message through this nearly impossible creation. All without disrupting space and time.

This is a huge breakthrough if this theoretical wormhole truly works. It could lead the way forward toward new bigger research regarding teleportation possibilities.

Scientists Created Two Tiny Wormholes In A Quantum Computer, Simulating A Traversable Tunnel

Reports of this major breakthrough come from scientists at the California Institute of Technology. According to the reports, these experts created two tiny black hole events in a computer. This quantum computer creation was simulating what ultimately amounts to a traversable space between regions of a universe. This breakthrough is further detailed in a published report.

One Caltech physicist notes that the “holographic” tunnel resembles what scientists define as a “baby wormhole.”

According to the researcher, Maria Spiropulu who co-authored the official report, this breakthrough will allow scientists to create bigger simulations. This, Spiropulu notes, includes moving on to creating “adult wormholes and toddler wormholes, step-by-step.”

“Powerful Ideas” Are Bringing Some Major Headway In Wormhole Research

“This work is a successful attempt at observing traversable wormhole dynamics in an experimental setting,” the scientist behind the study note. While the physicist behind the breakthrough experiments says that there is a lot more research to do along this front.

While this breakthrough doesn’t mean that the researchers created a real, tangible wormhole in the physical world, it still means a lot going forward. Physicists have hailed this major study as a massive technical achievement.

“These ideas have been around for a long time,” notes another one of the study’s co-authors, Joseph Lykken.

“And they’re very powerful ideas,” Lykken adds.

“But in the end, we’re in experimental science, and we’ve been struggling now for a very long time to find a way to explore these ideas in the laboratory,” the physicist adds. “And that’s what’s really exciting about this.”

However, the researchers say, that scientists are still a long way off from being able to teleport a living being through a similar portal. In other words, we’re not about to “beam up” onto the Enterprise anytime soon.

“Experimentally, for me, I will tell you that it’s very, very far away,” Spiropulu relates.

“People come to me and they ask me, ‘Can you put your dog in the wormhole?’” the physicist quips. “So, no.”