Stunning Wyoming Ranch Formerly Owned By Walt Disney Family Hits the Market for $71 Million

by Lauren Boisvert

The Diamond G Ranch is a paradise on Earth. It can be yours if you have $71 million just lying around somewhere. Nestled near the foot of a mountain range 17 miles west of Dubois, Wyoming in Fremont County, the Diamond G Ranch used to be owned by Walt Disney’s heirs. The ranch sits on about 5,856 acres of land at the head of the Dunoir River Valley. It’s surrounded by forest and mountain peaks that stretch 11,000 feet above the ranch. Imagine waking up every morning, throwing open your windows, and gazing upon a majestic mountain range. Like I said, paradise.

This Wyoming ranch is truly secluded. It lies at the end of a private road, surrounded by meadows, mountains, and national forest areas with no other roads in or out of the property. It takes up the entire upper end of the Dunoir River Valley. The ranch also boasts 7 miles of the Dunoir River on its property. Diamond G is also situated next to the Shoshone National Forest, a 2.4 million-acre wilderness utopia of roadless exploration.

The ranch was previously owned by Morton Salt and was used as a getaway for the company’s corporate higher-ups. Then, in 1968, Retlaw Enterprises bought the property. Retlaw was the private company owned by Walt Disney’s heirs, and the name was just “Walter” spelled backward. See the photos of the incredible ranch here.

“It’s just an incredibly unique property for Wyoming. It’s more a conservation, wilderness type of property but it will probably support summer grazing at some level,” said James Taylor of Hall and Hall Real Estate, who’s in charge of selling Diamond G Ranch. He continued, “It’s the most remote area in the lower 48 (states).”

While Walt Disney Family Wyoming Ranch Sells for Astronomical Price, Walt Disney World Parks Flood

Things are not as idyllic at Walt Disney’s theme parks lately as they are at his family’s former Wyoming ranch. Central Florida has been buffeted by intense storms–not even hurricanes this time--and the parks have begun to flood. Disney World guests posted the scenes on TikTok recently, showing views of knee-high water coursing down Main Street and filling up Epcot.

Other videos shared looks at the skies over Disney World, where the clouds were ominously black and lightning flashed like a strobe light. Guests commented that while there are always storms in Central Florida, they seemed to be worse this summer. “This went on all night, the rain and thunder subsided but then it was crazy lightning all night,” one person wrote.

In other places around the US, extreme weather is also becoming a problem. Yellowstone National Park saw unprecedented flooding this summer, as well as Death Valley National Park in recent days. The entire state of Kentucky was under a flash flood warning recently, and with nowhere to go on the Las Vegas Strip, water flooded into hotels and casinos.