Suspected Colorado Poacher Leaves Moose to Rot, Gets Caught on Camera

by Lauren Boisvert

A poacher in Colorado is suspected of killing a moose and leaving it to rot. He was caught on a resident’s trail camera, but authorities don’t know his identity. Colorado Parks and Wildlife was first contacted about the incident in September 2021 and is still searching for the man in and around Teller County.

CPW investigators found that the poacher tried to behead the moose before leaving it. He then attempted to hide the carcass with tree limbs and leaves. The group that reported the incident caught the man on their trail cam. His photo is included in a report from Out There Colorado.

Assistant area wildlife manager for Pikes Peak Travis Sauder said in a press release, “This is poaching and it’s illegal and we want to catch the person who did this. This moose was treated unethically and that is something we take very seriously. But we need the public’s help catching whoever did this.” Sauder continued, “We understand mistakes happen. We hope whoever did this can own that mistake and turn themselves in.”

Punishment is harsh for poaching in Colorado. According to the CPW, charges include misdemeanors for “harassment of wildlife, hunting big game without a license, illegal taking of wildlife, and reckless endangerment.” In addition to the charges, there’s also a fine of up to $13,000 and 6 months in jail, which is a little steeper than writing a public apology in the local paper.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife asks that anyone with information on this poacher or incident in general call 719-227-5200.

Poacher Wanted in Colorado, Plus New Mexico Poachers Face 17 Charges After Using Dogs to Illegally Hunt Elk

In New Mexico, a court recently convicted three poachers on 17 charges after they used dogs to hunt elk. Otero County residents Alix Miller, Kasen Flotte, and Jenna Livers were found guilty of waste of game, conspiracy to commit a felony, and tampering with evidence among other charges. In total, the three were charged with 7 misdemeanor charges and 10 fourth-degree felonies.

The three poachers were already under investigation when an anonymous tip bolstered the case. The first report came in 2019 that Alix Miller was hunting elk illegally. Then, residents reported that Miller was also using dogs to incapacitate the elk. He could then get in close and kill them. Investigators found footage from 2019 that showed Miller, Flotte, and Livers using their dogs to hunt down a herd of elk. They shot a bull elk multiple times at close range, then left the carcass to rot.

According to the New Mexico Game and Fish Department, using dogs to hunt elk, deer, pronghorn, and turkey is illegal in New Mexico, as is hunting with a small caliber weapon like a .22, which is what the poachers used. Leaving game to rot is also a felony. The poachers lost their hunting and fishing privileges in every state except Nebraska and Hawaii for the next 10 years. Miller is serving four and a half years of supervised probation, while Flotte and Livers received three.